For those neighbors you don't like

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    I actually did something like this to my neighbors over their dogs barking 24/7. Hooked up a remote winch contractor to a oogah horn and hid it and the battery under my house and every time the dog barked I hit the remote. The dogs eventually learned to quit barking the neighbors never flinched. All this was after exhausting every way to get through to the neighbors. All the other neighbors was grateful as much as I was.

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    My brother-in-law had neighbor problems. He's an electrical engineer, and he picked up the frequency and code for their garage door. Every time he got up to answer the call of nature at night, he'd open and close their door a few times. They finally moved.
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    Several years ago I had a beef with a punk kid about the way he was treating my daughter. He was over here and they got into a fight and I “escorted” him back to his car. Once back on the front porch I noticed that in his haste to leave he left his phone on the table.

    So i got his phone and googled how to assassinate the president, how to make a pressure cooker bomb, and child porn.

    Haven’t heard from him in a few years.
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    That’s just 7point tuning up his turkey call.
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    I had a potato can with a 6 foot barrel on it..that joker was accurate at 50 yards and u could hit stuff at 100 no neighbors aggravated me and my roommate one day so we sat in our garage and blew the heads off all their sunflowers from down the street..took us like 3 bags of potatoes but we had a blast doing it..guy came home from work and just stood in his sunflower patch looking at the exploded heads..we just sat and laughed
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    That's awesome! Best money ever spent on taters!
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    My old roommate actually came and got that thing from me like a month ago..wish I had it still I would post a pic of that beast
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    In the 1930s, my Dad, whose business was oil exploration, had a contract in Sumatra, in the Dutch East Indies (now called Indonesia.) Sumatra is bad jungle, and they worked from a houseboat, going up and down the jungle rivers.

    The crew was half American and half Dutch. The Dutch did not use toilet paper -- they used a water bottle. Put your thumb over the top of the bottle, reach around behind yourself and shake it vigorously.

    Now as refreshing as this may be, it leaves dirty water all over the crapper. So the Americans set out to convert the Dutch to toilet paper. As you might expect, there was one stubborn Dutchman who wouldn't convert.

    One day someone got hold of his water bottle and filled it with turpentine. :)
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