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Naturally,the Burris Laser Scope 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex Black Matte Riflescope 200110 looks and works a bit different from a conventional riflescope. After all,the Laser Scope is a technologically sophisticated instrument with micro-sized advance circuitry,a precision beam splitter and exacting calibration requirements. All this,along with an ultra high performance lens system,comes in a package that's designed to withstand extreme elements and severe recoil. First,you can count on the vivid,bright,crystal-clear optics for which Burris is world-famous. Second,you can rely on severe recoil performance that's rock solid. Third,you'd be hard-pressed to find a better laser rangefinder. Fourth,the time-tested Burris Ballistic Plex reticle,incorporated in the 4-12x42mm Laser Scope,lets you quickly range the target,hold dead on it and squeeze off your shot without losing sight of your target. And,finally,you get all this at a surprisingly affordable price.
Features of Burris Laser Scope 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex Riflescope 200110:
Fully multi-coated with Hi-Lume� multi-chemical coating for an unbeatable 99.5% light transmission per lens surface
Lowest possible mounting for comfortable viewing
Laser accurate to 1 yard
Remote Activation switch that straps to the forearm of the rifle
Every Burris riflescope includes a double internal spring force
All adjustment systems are positive,repeatable,steel-on-steel,with audible clicks
Potential leakage problems are completely eliminated with our specially made quad seals
Nitrogen-purged at least 24 times to ensure the elimination of every molecule of moisture
Extremely hard and scratch-resistant finish
Comes with a Burris Lifetime warranty
Specifications for Burris Laser Scope 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex Riflescope 200110:
Laser Range* (yards reflective): 800
Laser Range* (yards deer):
Laser Accuracy:
+ / - 1 yd
Batteries: CR2
Battery Life: 1100 cycles
Operating Temperature: 14�F - 122�F
Field of View (Low-High): 25-9
Exit Pupil (mm)(Low - High): 10.5 - 3.5
Click Value (inches @ 100 yards): 0.25
Max Adjustment (inches @ 100 yards): 50
Weight with mount & battery: 26 oz
Optimum Eye Relief (in): 3 - 3.5
Objective End Diameter: 60mm
Clear Objective Diameter:: 42mm
Ocular End Diameter: 39mm
Overall Length: 13 in
Mounting Length: 5.7 in
Finish: Matte
Name: Burris Laser Scope 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex Riflescope 200110
*Environmental conditions may limit range
Reticle Subtensions inches @ 100 yards:
BPlex Dim. A High Mag: 0.22
BPlex Dim. A Low Mag: 0.65
BPlex Dim. B High Mag: 0.59
BPlex Dim. B Low Mag: 1.8
BPlex Dim. W High Mag: 6.5
BPlex Dim. W Low Mag: 19.4

Asking $640

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