For Sale: Double Bull Matrix and T5 Blinds (1 each)

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    I have a matrix in predator deception (has the brown and green mix) with the light weight rods installed....I think this thing weighs in at 16 or 17# with these carbon rods, you will notice the difference in weight! It has 3 holes in the netting where a broadhead has been shot through (one test, two kills:thumb:) I think this is pre import model...but not 100% sure. There is a little rust on the grommets where the stakes hold the bottom down, otherwise it is like new. In fact, the fabric is still a little stiff due to the light use. $290 TYD.

    I also have a T5 in predator deception brown that has netting for the windows and the ninja black out sleeves for the windows. It has been repaired on a window or two where a broadhead caught the edge of the window and the netting has at least one broadhead shot through it. Honestly you have to be looking for the the repairs to see them. I am pretty confident this is a US made model. $225 TYD.

    Both with come with a carry bag and strap (original style bag and strap).

    Paypal with buyer paying 3% upcharge, MO, personal check (allow 5-7 days to clear).

    Might be able to deliver and save buyer $20. I travel Central AR, River Valley, NW AR and up 65 through Harrison with regularity.

    PM email address for pictures.
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    a few pics

    Matrix in front T5 behind
    showing one of the repairs to the T5

  3. Championman

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    few more pics

    the other window repair T5
    one shoot through netting pc and 1 ninja window...have 2 nets and all 6 windows
    Another matrix pic
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    Where are you at in central Arkansas?
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    PM's returned...

    Greenbrier...but travel with my job around LR/Jacksonville up River Valley and into NW AR. Make the rounds at least every 2 weeks.
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    Trade finalized.