For all of you RAGE haters!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by splitbrow, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. splitbrow

    splitbrow Well-Known Member

    Rage is handsdown the only broadhead i will ever shoot. The damage they do is unreal. Here are two pics from the last two years. Looks like the deer were killed with a throwin axe!

    This first one was straight under my stand. The arrow passed straight through the spine and broke 3 ribs on the way out. OUCH

    Didn't get a pass thru on the buck but who needs one when he looks like this?
    he ran 30 yds.
  2. OughtSix

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    Eh, still won't change my mind about em...

  3. btech29

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  4. splitbrow

    splitbrow Well-Known Member

    I'm not askin you to change ur mind. Just don't see how u couldn't like them.
  5. zane

    zane Well-Known Member


    I'll keep my Slick Tricks
  6. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    Good to see that someone who shoots them has confidence in them. Don't care what you long is I can walk through the woods and not cut my feet on all the bad broadheads left on the ground and I don't have to hear stories about armored deer that just can't be killed I'll be OK.

    Bear Razorheads were about the poorest example of engineering I've ever seen but I sure killed a bunch of deer with them...even though I heard stories of arrows bouncing off deer because the bleeder stopped it.

    Face it! If you find something that puts them down, stick with it. The moment it doesn't.......don't go looking for an excuse, you'll find it standing in your shoes.
  7. I will never say that are not a good BH. I will say I think they are highly overrated. From what I have heard on here some people think you can shoot them in the butt and they will die. I prefer my "grim reapers" some people hate them. But I can honestly say I will never own a set of rage broadheads.
  8. Good shots. But I see no pass through. :eek: Two holes bleed better than one. :up: That's all I got. :whistle:
  9. crookedwillar

    crookedwillar Well-Known Member

    I agree:up:
  10. stealthycat

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    horrible penetration qualities and always the possibility the blades won't work right are the first two things that come to mind

    Rage broadheads have lost more animals than all other broadheads combined - I believe that to be true.

    one of the most interesting thing about Rage, other than all the Youtube penetration tests and subsequent failure of the heads, are the Cabela's comments from customers. Twice or three times the number of complaints vs any other heads you place them against.

    and the hole (singular) isn't impressive at all, any big 2 blade head will do that, check out Simmons Land Sharks if you want to see some incredible damage done to animals, or a big 3 blade Snuffer.
  11. mb1991

    mb1991 Well-Known Member

    x2 :thumb:
  12. Ozark hunter

    Ozark hunter Well-Known Member

    at 5:30am i really wasn't ready for that
  13. Savage Shooter

    Savage Shooter Well-Known Member

    Every story has two sides here is the "other side" of the Rage. I did not shoot this buck but got a lot of searching & tracking the first nite and lots of walking grids the next couple of days only for him to show up on cam a few days later. No wonder we couldn't find him.

    Not a "Rage Hater" just not a fan either.

  14. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member

    Savage Shooter, I wouldn't think, by the looks of that 2nd pic, that any broadhead would have brought him down with that shot. :down:
  15. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member

    Stealthy, you're getting way out on that limb there. I doubt Rage has been around long enough to make that statement.

    I believe that more people have died in wrecks in pick-up trucks than have in golf carts. Would you rather be in a wreck on the interstate in a golf cart? More use, more margin for error. I'll stick with my Rage's.
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  16. LX Shooter

    LX Shooter Well-Known Member

    Lost 2 with those heads..........And no they werent bad shots....:shrug:

    And no way Rage has lost more deer than all combined thats a stupid comment.....:smack:
  17. Savage Shooter

    Savage Shooter Well-Known Member

    You should view them all then especially the the first one. I don't agree or disagree with you as I thought the same thing when I saw the second pic also. But when going back to the first pic the angle was pretty good, one I have made myself many times, my opinion was that it was more forward than it probably should be.

    Mute point tho as there was still big gaping entrance and NO EXIT, lack of penetration seems evident to me. I did not shoot this deer, as I truly believe my 800gr total arrow weight @ 230fps with fixed 3 blade Tripower BH would have passed I agree totally that the outcome may have very well been the same with this shot placement but there would have been an EXIT.

    Really did not appreciate the thumbs down part of your post as bad shots happen to very hunter out there sooner or later. :up:
  18. LX Shooter

    LX Shooter Well-Known Member

    That arrow looks like a Wally World arrow........With those long vanes ...And if so I highly doubt they would drop the $ for Rages.......:up:
  19. possum

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    If you're talking the same Tripower I'm thinking of, it's been a while since I seen any of them.
  20. Savage Shooter

    Savage Shooter Well-Known Member

    You are thinking right,,,,,grabbed up about 100 of them 180gr & saved back when it became evident they quit making them. One piece ALL carbon steel 3 blade head (blades not removable), 1 1/8" cut (came unsharpened).

    They were short swept blade design (improves mechanical cut advantage) like Slick Trick, made in Arkansas also like Slick Trick hmmmmm. Had them 12yrs+ at least. Come to think of it they look very similar to Slick Trick.

    Cast them on 31" 2419's (hard to get too)!!!