Football Ticket Prices to Increase

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    Alex Abrams Jan 31, 2008

    FAYETTEVILLE — Now that Jeff Long has settled into his new job as Arkansas’ athletic director, he wants to implement several ideas that will affect the football program and increase the amount of money generated by the Razorbacks.

    Those ideas include raising ticket prices for home football games, improving the technology available to new coach Bobby Petrino and possibly having some games available to fans on pay-per-view.

    Long said Thursday that Razorback fans should expect ticket prices for the upcoming football season to increase, though he could not say exactly how much of an increase that will be.

    “We’re really focused on generating the revenue we need to operate. We’re not focused on just how much can we squeeze out of our fans. It’s not a question of that,” Long said during a 30-minute interview with The Morning News on Thursday afternoon.

    “We want to keep our ticket as affordable as we can, but at the same time generate the kind of revenue we need to run our program.”

    Long said the ticket increase will be announced sometime later this month. At the moment, school officials are in the “assessment process” and trying to determine how much to raise the cost for fans to attend games in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

    Arkansas is believed to rank toward the bottom half of the Southeastern Conference in ticket prices for home football games.

    Long said the idea of raising the cost of tickets was discussed before he was hired in September to replace longtime Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles. And Long agreed that an increase was needed — and a long time coming.

    “Everyone supporting the Razorbacks wants us to have a first-class program and wants us, I believe, I feel, to have the resources necessary to field winning teams and championship caliber teams,” Long said. “It takes resources to do that.”

    Long said ticket prices could be increased on an annual basis, though he was quick to note that typically won’t happen. Instead, any change will be part of a plan.

    Long officially assumed control of Arkansas’ athletic program when Broyles stepped down on Dec. 31.

    And Long has spent the past few weeks examining how the Razorbacks could generate more revenue, including allowing some football games to be made available on pay-per-view.

    Broyles opposed having Arkansas games that weren’t picked up by a TV network to be shown on pay-per-view. But Long said he’s open to the idea.

    “Certainly, we will explore those opportunities, and if it makes sense for us and it can generate revenue for us, that’s something we’ll consider,” Long said.

    “I know Coach Broyles had reasons why he may not have wanted to do that. And if I have the information he has, I may make that same decision. But I’m open to it coming in.”

    Long said Arkansas must have the resources to keep up with other athletic department throughout the country. He also wants to improve some of the school’s sports facilities, including perhaps building a basketball practice facility in the future.

    Meanwhile, Petrino has asked Long for some specific improvements since being hired Dec. 11 to replace former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt.

    Long said one of Petrino’s request that has already been addressed is improving the technology available to the coach and his staff.

    Long said a “significant investment” has been made since December — around $100,000 — on technology for the football program.

    “This is a staff that is very technologically savvy. They are into game analysis and computer digital,” Long said. “They will all have their own laptops that they can take with them to watch film.”

    Long said he has no plans at the moment of changing Arkansas’ long-standing policy of not scheduling Arkansas State for football and basketball games.

    However, he said a deal could also be finalized in the next month for Arkansas to play Texas A&M in Dallas. The series is expected to begin in 2009.

    Long said a series in Dallas would increase Arkansas’ exposure in Texas, appeal to a large fan base in the area and generate significant revenue for the university.

    “There are a lot of reasons for us to look at that, and I can say we’re seriously considering that and working to that end,” Long said.
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    They ought to try winning a few games with what they've got before they try gouging the fans.:smack:

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    I think pay-perview is a bad deal for Arkansas. Look what it has done to the fan base of boxing, but I do not know the money side of the deal. I do not even follow boxing any more. I would think you need a large fan base for recruiting. I know I will not pay to view any games.

    As for the price of tickets. Sell them for what the fan base is willing to pay. They will know when the price is to high. If they go through a rebuilding period the stands will be bare.
  4. I predicted the ticket price would go up as one of the negatives when they got rid of Nutt. It's no surprise. To pay a coach the salary that BP and his staff have you didn't think the Waltons, Tysons and the Hunts were going to foot the bill did you? Long is right about the cheap ticket prices of Arkansas games. Last year they were $35. I went to an OU game two years ago and the ticket price was $65. The Cotton Bowl tickets were $90 this year. I won't be surprised to see the Hog tickets go to $45 - $50 this year. It's the price you have to pay if you want a National Championship.
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    .....or owe a lot of ex-coaches a boat-load of money.:poke:
  6. ...or both :wink:
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    Didn't rank say that we are 8th or 9th in potential in the SEC?

    Shouldn't our ticket prices reflect our potential?
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    Pay per view will not work..The NFL found that out this year....Dont care if they raise ticket prices........AS LONG AS WE WIN BABY....:smack: :wink:
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    I wouldn't apy $10 bucks for Razorback tickets....

    I guarantee, you start charging $50+ for tickets, they had darned well be WINNING, or the fans will go into a revolt that will make the latest troubles seem like a hiccup.
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    If they want me to watch any game then they should pay me.:biggrin:
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    LSU ticket prices are going up next year too. Add on handling chargers. Heck, I paid $190 a piece for two BCS Championship Game tickets this year. How much is too much?
  12. Gruntcall

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    Quite honestly, for college football, anything over $25.
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    Finally..a light in the darkest forest.....:up:
  14. I was a blind man walking in the night.......I seen the light Lawd I seen the light.:thumb:
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    Sad but true. "Bill it, and they will come."
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  16. Come on Grunt.....this aint DII or Champ Series! This is big time SEC football. THE SEC....pal. Not the Southland! The Razorbacks are close to the bottom of the price per ticket totem pole in the SEC. p.s. Dont even bring up UCA....we'll laugh at ya.