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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Bryanr, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Bryanr

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    I would like to hear about your food plots. What works the best, do you plant fall and spring ect.. Just looking for ideas.
  2. bett_lou

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    I plant wheat every fall. I put out salt blocks and corn year round. I've also used wheat bran this year. Two years ago I planted iron clay peas for a summer food plot but I couldn't tell the deer eat them at all.

  3. JAMIE J

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    i use whitetail extreme in the summer and spring and corn year around and
    in the fall i plant the winter greens they love them
  4. hortonhunter

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    oats for me in south ark them pines and poor soil conditions they seem to have grown best and I have seen deer walk by wheat to eat oats although ither are benefical in helping deer I also use the mineral salt from feed stores to create salt licks and have used whitetail institutes 30-6, sustain. optimize, in overpopulated areas where browse can get mighty scarce any thing you can do will help your deer thru the winter months
  5. Hallboy17

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    A 50/50 mixture of wheat and boboats works good. Also buckforage oats works well in decent soil. Both are put out in September.
  6. sam

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    Purple hull peas, cow peas, soybeans and corn in the spring. Wheat in the fall. We have clover and vetch in all our pastures so they get a lot out of them too. Honeysuckle is also thick here, all the fence rows, field edges and any opening in the woods have honeysuckle growing, its really taken off since we fenced all our livestock out of all of the woods on the farms.
  7. clover, wheat and a few oats in the fall. clover will live well into the spring.

    spring/summer....... milo and soybeans
  8. I plant oats or wheat in the early fall, along with turnips. Also keep out corn & soybeans. I'm thinkin seriously about planting one of the summer mixes this spring, too. Believe me, the food plots work!