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  1. emerson

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    Went out to look at the plots and pull cards . Clover plot is about 3 or 4 inches looks good , 3 or so deer . Next is the rye and chicory and clover plot , all I can tell is rye and clover . Rye looks like it taking over . About 5 inches 6 deer in it . Do you mow rye to keep it good , never planted rye and chicory before .
  2. hawgpharm

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    The rye is mainly just used as a nurse crop for the clover and chicory. It will die out in the heat of summer and provide some good nutrients for the soil. You can replant it this fall if you wish.

  3. Luv2hunt

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    I knock mine down a couple times a year. In the heat of summer, the weeds try to take over.