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I agree with relying on native vegetation. Smartweed seed, with its tough coating, last much longer than rice, millet, corn or beans. I doubt you will have to plant anything to get smartweed and other beneficial annuals to establish themselves. On my duck pond, I hold three feet of water at the dam during duck season and lower it 6 inches every two weeks beginning mid march. I get a heck of a stand of 5 different varieties of smartweed, and also some different sedges. If you have any bare spots come the first week of september, you can broadcast millet on those spots and usually get pretty good coverage. I prefer browntop (60 day maturation) over Jap millet (45 days maturation). If the area has ever been wet before, there will probably be smartweed if you gradually let the water out. You will have a fight with the beavers. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and trap them with some connibears.
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