Food plot after tornado

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by nontypical, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. jeffb243

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    man im sorry that ever happened, looks like your feeder is pretty tough though!
  2. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    If you can only imagine. The corn feeder did not move an inch and is still working like new. Had lots of timber damage. Looks like it went through the middle of our land. Think I am gonna timber off what is down and get what money it's worth. Anyone ever heard of a buck bed? Suppose to be where a tree is cut or snapped-over naturally. Have read on QDMA that bucks love these spots. Anyway, should have plenty of them.
  3. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    My 2 neighbors lost everything.

  4. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    Thought I would share the pictures but am curious what yall's thoughts are about the buck beds?
  5. Manybeards

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    Man that is terrible. Where is that at?

    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    I think where the tornado took the trees down it will be some good hunting in the next few seasons.

    Sorry for your neighbors loss.
  7. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    This is between Ash Flat and Highland.
  8. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    I haven't ever heard'em called "buck beds" but I've seen many a deer get up out of brush piles made by timber companys and such. So my opinion would be yes the like using these for cover.
  9. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    First sorry for your neighbors loss.
    Second I have jumped many a deer out of brush piles so you may have a little benefit from this one.
  10. John Stiles

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    Looks like you need to go into the firewood biddness to me.....cut them all off at the stump and crown, leavibg the limby tops for cover, stack the wood up at the camp and you'll be getting all kinds of pats on the back, come the seasons!:thumb:
  11. blowdowns and tops will make good beds for deer. i would leave a few and salvage the rest for timber sale or firewood
  12. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    Anyone had any timber cut lately? Whats a decent size oak worth? I have no idea but have lots of say telephone pole size and bigger down. Just curious if theres a general rule of thumb on value.
  13. sam

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    Haven't heard any prices lately, but timber prices have been low for a while due to the building slowdown, also the price paid for storm damaged trees is quite a bit lower than standing timber because of all the extra labor in geting it harvested and the twisted and splintered ones will be of no value, except for fire wood. Lots of timber down all along the whole storm path. Good luck !
  14. Selfbow

    Selfbow ...

    The best honey hole in Hurricane WMA is an old tornado blowdown.

    Just leave it like it is.
  15. i believe hardwood pulpwood was going for $4 to $5 a ton at the stump for north Arkansas. can't swear by that. probably do better selling a lot of firewood
  16. nontypical

    nontypical Well-Known Member

    Went and bought a new Husky today. Ought to have plenty of firewood cut by next deer season.:biggrin:
  17. Ouch! It's amazing at how much damage they can do. I hate the damage, but there'll be plus sides to it eventually.