Florida Honeymoon need help

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by DeLancey, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. DeLancey

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    We are going to fly to Orlando for our honeymoon. Plane tickets are cheap from XNA to Orlando so we will be staying around the Orlando area most likely. Any ideas on what to do. We both like adventure. I think one day we will prob go to Disney World and go to the beach at least once. But what else is there other than the obvious things?? We will be going at the end of January.
  2. wildgameassassin

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    Well let me see if I can get off work and I'll come help ya out on your honeymoon :up:

  3. Tink

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    Well I lived down there for 8yr an Disney is alright not what you would dream of after watching the comericals, but you have to go there. I recomend head down a south a little one day an go to Busch Gardens awsome time an better in my opinon than Disney. Of course you have to go to Universe Studios. Bass pro down there beach an they have some cheap chatter deep sea fishing to. Hope you have fun :up:
  4. Mule man

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    I had to do it before somebody else.:fit: :fit: Have a good trip.:up:
  5. DeLancey

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    Thanks bell987usn I am making a list of things all of yours went on it

    Yall act like I dont know how to work my magic :fit: I knew when I was asking this some one was going to bring that up though O well glad it is out of the way

    Also any idea of a decent priced place to stay that is nice we will be there from sunday afternoon till Sunday morning the following weekend
  6. truckmetal23

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    x2 on Busch Gardens from O-Town just head south on I-4,Cocoa Beach and Daytona are east of you,and check out the Space Center at Cape Canaveral,or the Ocala National Forest.
  7. zachpilot

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    You need to go check out Gatorland, when we went down there a few years back I thought it might be kind of lame but it was surprisingly cool. Since then it had a fire that burned alot of it down but they have rebuilt it so it is supposed to be up and running again.