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LITTLE ROCK - Due to the exceptionally high water levels along the Mississippi River and the lower Arkansas River, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will close the spring youth permit turkey seasons on Choctaw Island and Trusten Holder WMAs.

All three youth permit hunts on Choctaw Island and the youth permit hunt on Trusten Holder will be cancelled. Each youth successfully drawn for a permit will be notified this week regarding their option to hunt another open youth hunt on a different wildlife management area this spring and have their preference points restored or wait for another opportunity to be drawn for Choctaw Island next year. These youth permit hunts were designed to provide a quality hunting experience for the applicants selected to participate. The current high water conditions will not promote such an experience and pose several unsafe situations to hunters trying to access these areas.

The AGFC urges all turkey hunters to use extreme caution accessing their hunting area by boat on waterways which are above their normal levels. Many of these rivers and streams are experiencing unusually swift currents and are filled with dangerous debris.

The AGFC also wants to remind hunters that it is illegal to hunt turkeys from a boat or other floating device. It is also illegal to take or attempt to take wildlife, including turkey, fleeing from a flood.

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I guess all the turkeys will be roosted on top of the levee. That should make it real challenging :smack:
There's turkeys all over the levee right now. I rode down it a couple of days ago & about 15 walked across right in front of me & flew out to the edge of the water & landed in the trees. All of them just sat there in the trees while I stopped & looked at them, they didn't even try to fly. I don't think there will be much hunting over there unless they can find some high ridges somewhere because almost everything is under water.
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