flash or ir?

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by Ozark hunter, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Ozark hunter

    Ozark hunter Well-Known Member

    just wanted to know what ya'll prefer flash or an infrared camera? why? got some money to spend and i'm lookin' around
  2. turkey pond bucks

    turkey pond bucks Well-Known Member

    I have 2 IR cameras and love the long battery life but I used a flash for a long time and never had problems spooking deer at all. One thing i liked about the flash was better picture quality.

    The 2 IR cameras I have are Moultrie I-40 and they are great IMO!

    The flash camera is a cudde back and it eats batteries like candy :down:

  3. SR4

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    I had a couple flash cameras and I was getting pics of deer spooking at the flash, so when they finally crapped out I bought IR's. I haven't had any spooked deer since I switched and the batteries last alot longer. The night pics are better with flash than IR, but thats the only real advantage they have that I know of. And the night pics from my IR's aren't bad at all. Every once in awhile I'll get one thats a little blurry, but I get that in the daytime once in awhile too.

    I'm using Moultrie 55IR.
  4. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    I like the IR for feeder cams. I've actually seen the flash spook a couple of deer. For a camera that's going to be on a trail, you need a quick trigger speed. Cuddeback seems to be a good choice there. I have a couple of Bushnell Trophy cams and they are ok, but by no means perfect. I don't think I'd recommend one for what they cost. My next purchase will probably be a Moultrie D55ir.
  5. I like the flash cameras better. You can see the night time photos much clearer and the first and last hours of daylight pics are much better with flash. I use the Moulitre D-50 and never had any problem spooking deer. We had this same discussion at work and I have months worth of pics that prove deer are not afraid of the flash. I have good bucks that are repeat visitors to my camera set-up in the daytime and night. So I have no problems keeping deer around. If the weather is not below 30, my cameras will take about 2500-3000 pics on 1 set of batteries and last about 5-6 weeks if only taking 20-30 pics a day/night.
  6. possum

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    I prefer the flash, but of course all mine are on private ground. On public or suspect private I think I would go with an IR, I've got one and if I ain't right in front of it I can't see the array's when they go off.
  7. ArkyVarminter

    ArkyVarminter Well-Known Member

    Stick with the IR cameras. FLash camera's do spook SOME deer...A guy done a study where he placed out corn using IR camers VS Flash cameras. After a few months of testing the IR cameras had 3 times the pics on them....
  8. IR all the way. The flash don't spook all the deer but I have notice all the BIG bucks I got with my flash camera, well none of them had all four feet on the ground. Some did not have any. I have not had that with the IR camera.
  9. crackshot82

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  10. Just some FYI, Ozark Hunter.. which ever camera you decide IR or Flash, check out natchezss.com. They are having a big on-line sale on all Trail Cameras.
  11. varmint hunter

    varmint hunter Well-Known Member

    I got 2 flash cameras never had any promblems with spooking deer , hogs , coyote . They are Moultrie D 50 and cost under $ 100.00 :toothumb:
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  12. btech29

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    I like the flash. Ive seen big bucks that I actually think like it after a while. Its like they are posing. Ive got repeat pics of some world class animals too. I think the glowing red lights scare them worse, but I aint reel brite ethier.
  13. green29

    green29 Well-Known Member

    I have a Bushnell trophy cam IR, and it has a really good trigger speed. I found reviews on Trail Cam review.com.
  14. Damascus-Doug

    Damascus-Doug Well-Known Member

    I agree .... sumtyme we aint brite.....
  15. smokey1

    smokey1 Well-Known Member

    IR cams for all around use, you have the option of shooting night videos with IR. This works great set up on scrapes. If you are going to put it on a corn feeder i would go with a flash cam. With that said while in video mode at night i know a IR cam scares deer, where as with a white flash i haven't noticed it myself. If i were going to buy a new camera right now it would be a Uway NT50B black flash camera, it uses IR that is not in a visible wave lenght so you can't see the flash at all and it has sound with the video. I have the Uway NT50, it is the same as the 50B but it has regular red IR. I will post some videos i got from the NT50 later. Well i guess it will be sometime tommorow night, I guess i formated my card and didn't download any videos:smack: I'm going to check my cams tomorow and i'll post one of those. Also checkout chasingame.com they have reviews on about every scouting camera out, there is lots of good info. on there for anyone thinking about buying a new cam.
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