Fixed a minor plumbing leak

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by TrophyFishR, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. TrophyFishR

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    I was helping my dad get new appliances when I noticed the washing machine valves were leaking. So I jumped in there to try my hand at plumbing. Holy smokes did I get humbled.
    I tried to remove the existing valves & that was not happening. So I decided to cut the copper lines & PVC drain pipe. That wasn't too bad until I dropped the drain hose & it dumped water out flooding the laundry room. Doh.. Off to Lowe's to buy new valves. Got back & figured out that wouldn't work, so drove back to Lowe's & bought a shark bite washing machine box (combo kit). Then I realized the kit had the wrong configuration & I needed to flip it over. Well I couldn't get the shark bite valves off. Back to Lowe's again. Nobody in plumbing knew how to change the configuration to a center drain. So, I go over to hardware & find a 15/16" wrench & channel locks. Then I had a helpful employee help me untwist them. I was excited. Get back to the house & tried to remove the plastic knock outs, nope they had to be beaten out & mauled with a pair of pliers. I mount the box & seat the shark bite fittings, feeling good again. Go turn on the water at the meter. Come back, turn on the washing machine, let it fill halfway & see that its leaking under the cold water valve. I was livid at this point. I pulled the hoses off, turned the water off, then pulled the drain line. It flooded the laundry room again. (I had a shopvac but it was outta reach). I pulled the box off & removed the valves. Then I noticed the copper was coated in thick paint. So I took a piece of 120 grit sand paper & removed the paint. Then reset the box & seated the valves, turn the water back on, run the washing machine. Boom, it was not leaking anymore & working properly. It took me 6 hours & 3 trips to Lowe's for a job that should've taken 1 hour. Lol
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  2. SwampCat

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    That sounds like my average day. Good job - you got it fixed.
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  3. JR1

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    My kinda plumber! I'm reasonably handy around the house, but I doubt I could have done that job any quicker.

    Way to stick with it.
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  4. TrophyFishR

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    Thanks y'all. It definitely tested my patience. I was an electrician for 5 years before going to college & getting a degree. So I'm pretty well schooled in running pipes, trouble shooting & complex problems. I thought this would be a piece of cake & gotta fat slice of humble pie. Ive really been motivated to learn new handyman skills & this was a valuable lesson. Typically I can YouTube or google the problem but that wasn't the case. OJT trumps all other forms of research. Having the proper tools is a critical factor too. I'm still acquiring plumbing tools. (Spent $100 at lowes on tools) up next, wreck out the shower & install a handicap accessible bathtub. I'm going to get professional advice before tackling that bad boy.
  5. armallard

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    Two jobs that I hate with a passion is plumbing and sheetrock any other small stuff i'll give it a shot. But I have some sheetrock work I'm going to tackle with the help of my step son my ac unit leaked up stairs and busted two seams. Sounds like you got knee deep in it Trophy.
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    My dads getting pretty old & his "new house" is 2 miles away, so I can run over there anytime. The house isn't Handicap friendly, but I'm working on that. We built handrails on the porch. I thought it would take 2 people about 8 hours. Nope, it was all weekend & part of the next week after work. I logged 20 hours on that job. So, I can see why these bids are coming in at $90 hour. The local handyman bid was $700 material & $1700 Labor. Lol, I was like heck no, we can sub that out to the in-laws. I gotter done for $650 in tools & materiel with seat equity.
  7. Punkinseed

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    Se ark
    If you need any kinda help with plumbing stuff go to a local hardware store. I try to use the little guy as much as i can but sometimes i have to go to lowes depot.
    Last time i went i bought a small pedestal bathroom sink. As i was puttin it in my buggy i see an employee and tell her i need a cheap faucet for this sink. She got on her phone for a about a minute then said "it prolly over in da plumbin section"
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    Sounds about right for my typical plumbing job. Gotta replace a drain in the kids shower and I am putting that off as long as I can. Recently rebuilt one toilet and have at least one other that needs the treatment as well.

    I have justified purchasing tools quite often based on the price of what a professional would charge. Right now I am still in the process of finishing the repairs on my father in laws place from the April floods. House is livable but still have to finish the spare room and laundry room. Heading up tomorrow night to work on that, spend the night and get an early start Saturday morning with plans to be done by noon.
  9. JohnnieWalker

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    What I've started doing is to figure how long it should take me to do a job and multiply that by 2.5. It bears out most of the time. For me anyway.
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  10. whetstone

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    Best advice I can give for those little handyman chores around the house is try to come up with 3 or 4 possible ways of fixing a problem Before you go to the hardware store, then Buy Everything you thought you needed for those 3 or 4 fixes. You will save time and money at the end of the day.

    Also buy more than one of each. Buy 2 extra boards, get 4 extra plumbing fittings and a stick of the size pipe you need. I usually plan a project like I'm going to totally rebuild it from the ground up. You'll end up with some extra stuff but it's easier to take it back once than make multiple trips to the store.

    I grew up in Story and it was an hour 1 way to a Lowe's or Home Depot. Preferred true value in Mt Ida but they weren't always open.
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    I knew you was a city boy! I've eaten many a meal in Story during turkey season.
  12. John Stiles

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    You keep that up TrophyFR, you gonna wind up with a crack runnin halfway up yer back! ROFL!
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    I took my 5 year old over there last week. I was about to fish a 20ft section of ice maker hose thru the cabinets to the sink. I told him that he gets a star ⭐️ if he can pull that hose. He got right under there & pulled all the hose thru 5 sections of cabinets. I now have a junior handy man that excels in tight places. He might be getting a tool belt from Santa.
  14. whetstone

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    Which one of my cousins did you eat with?
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    Probably all of them at one time or another. Used to stop at that little store at the intersection and get a bite. I grew up hunting around Hollis, Onyx and Muddy Creek. We used to camp around Hollis way back in the day. Stayed at the Aqua motel a few times too.
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  16. Plumbing repairs are NEVER fun, or easy.
  17. 1928

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    I did that when my daughter was about 7. I was working on our Church's a/c unit on the second floor when I dropped a circuit board into the a/c return. It fell all the way to the ceiling on the first floor. My daughter was so small she was able to climb up the return duct from the first floor to the ceiling and retrieve it. When we got home and she took of her clothes she started screaming Daddy I itch.

    I forgot about the insulation in the ducts.
    She did get a new Barbie doll.
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  18. bullcreekboy

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    Sounds just like every plumbing project I've ever done!
  19. 10pointman

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    I used to work for a plumber.
    Ain't nuttin to it,it's easy!
  20. HAHA! That very well may be true...For a plumber!