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I went back to the Lake Charles to fish for crappie on Monday. I tried a few places that normally paid off for fishing for crappies. The crappie didn't get my noticed and decided to take the day off. While trying I had the fish of a lifetime call on me. I was near the same area on the lake were I saw the both prop fin stuck in the timber as shown above.

I trolled my crappie jig by a stump cluster when I got the first bit of the day. The fish ran out a ways then got off. I could tell it was a large one. So I backed up to flip the jig in the same area to let it sink. After a few presentations it worked as I got a hard bite then set the hook. My fly rod bent almost in a U shaped as the fish went to the bottom which was about 10'. It keep swimming away and pulling hard. I used the trolling motor to keep space. All the time I thought the 6lb test line would break. The fish was having it way with me chasing it.

After several minutes I managed to pull the large fish close enough to almost net it. I could tell it was a huge flathead catfish. I thought there was no way I would land it because it was largest fish I ever had on my pole. As luck would have it the fish went for open water instead of back towards the stump field.

The huge flathead kept constant strong force on my line making it a two handed job of handling the rod. I managed to regain a few feet of line back to give me a better chance of getting the catfish close enough to land. After several more minutes I managed to get it close enough for a near net. Just as I tried to get the short handled net over it's head it took another run.
I decided to be patient if I had any chance to land the big cat. I took my time and kept constant pressure to wear the fish down. It was like were going in circles for a long time. I was always looking for a weakness to bring the flathead close enough to net.

It took maybe 45 minutes to finally get the big sucker close enough the slip net over its head. When that happened I knew that only part of the fish would be inside. So I grabbed the hoop portion with both hands and pulled the big trophy over the side of the boat. I look down in disbelieve in what I had just done. The cat stretched from one side of the boat to the other. Later I measure that distance and it was 42.5". The had a huge tummy as you will see.

I got the big cat in my life well but it was hardly large enough as it was in a "c" shaped position bent with its tail sticking almost out of the life well.

After getting to the boat launch ramp I set their thinking what do I do with it. I decided to take it to the lake's park office and see if they had a scale. I could tell from handling the fish that it would weight north of 30lbs. My previous largest fish catch was a 15 lb grass carp which took a long time to land using the same type of equipment for crappie. I was fishing with my son on that one. But solo on this one.

Luck was with me when I saw the sweet lady park officer. After some looking she found the scale that could do the job. I had to adapt it to the situation but it worked out with use of some of my gear and tools. You might notice I used ratchet strap as part of the gear to weigh the big.

It was definitely a lifetime fish. It weighed 48 lbs and provided me with much fun. Thanks big one!

I decided to share it with my family and friends. That is going to a lot of good eating.

Food Ingredient Fish products Dish Cuisine

Here is the 3/16 oz crappie jig I used:
Fishing bait Arthropod Insect Bumper Bait

Shoe Hat Standing Cap Fawn

Standing Fish Hat Baseball cap Cap

The park officer checked her fish catch board.The largest flathead caught to date was a 45lb by trout line.

I have this posted under another folder so I decided it deserved it's own.
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