First yote hunt

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  1. OuachitaMtnMan

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    Me and my nephew went out Friday evening with about an hour and a half of daylight left to try our hand at coyote hunting. Within the frst 2 minutes of blowing the rabbit call, we had 2 at 100 yards but neither of us had a shot. We both made slight movements and the dogs were gone. Made 2 more stands with no success. I could get into this. that was fun as all get out.

    What we learned:
    Calling them in aint the hard part, killing them is.
    They can see slight movements really well
    Dont move until they are moving
    This is gonna be fun

    Hopefully we'll have pictures soon

    Question: Will these yotes come back to the same call or do I need to switch it up?

  2. gbashby

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    Welcome to this highly addictive sport! Good luck and I hope to see many pics of dead yotes in the days to come.


    Searcy, AR.

  3. Dermott

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    You Are Doing Well!

    OuachitaMtnMan -

    You are doing well and learned a lot from your first attempts!

    If the coyotes saw or winded you then, yes, you should probably try something else at that location next time. Try injured pup sounds or bird in distress or another rabbit call. It is best to have your gun on bi-pod or something else to minimize movement and each of you should probably be facing a different direction. Not necessarily behind each other but at 45 degree angles to see more terrain and so that you do not have to move much to get on the coyotes.

    Nice job! I am confident you will have pictures of kills soon!

  4. rtipton

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    Thanks for a great post. As a rookie varmint hunter ready to get out there soon, I really enjoyed this information.

  5. btech29

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    Man when it works there is nothing like it. Sounds like your off to a good start. :up:
  6. jsilver919

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    i def need to get a bipod next paycheck. and i'll be ready to go. just seeing some would be nice since the last few times i went deer and hog hunting i havent seen a thing
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    Well I am headed to the range tomorrow just to see how my 30-30 does out to 170 yards...I have seen two yotes in my area of an evening several times now, always in this same patch of trees. They do not seem to be the slightest bit concerned with me parking my truck and watching them, I was able to get out on the passenger side and take aim, but I hated to take a shot and possibly scare them I chose to wait, I will be back out there in a few weeks to give it another go.

    Also I did a search for .mp3 sounds to download on my droid, I found this website, played the "hurt coyote pup" wasn't a minute after the small coyote walked off that he returned and took a seat for a few more minutes.

    I need to do a bit more research before heading back out, but in a quick pinch it worked.

    FYI: I park way back in a field, not on the road....I will take my .243 next time, but it would be nice to know my 30-30 past 125 yards