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first time to run traps

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Ok so Friday night was the first time I have ever ran any traps and came out with 2 coons and a possum but ended up losing four of my traps. I am
Using duke dog proof coon traps. I didn't tie them to a tree but I staked them down with a stake that's over 2 feet long and beat them in with a hammer. Even when we picked them up some of them had to pry out with the claw of the hammer. My question is really can a trapped coon dig a trap out that deep? I really don't think I misplaced four traps but I guess anything is possible. Do you guys tie them all to trees?

Also trying to do some home tanning so if anyone has any hints I will take those also
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I sent you a pm from your post on another thread before I saw this one. I forgot to make sure, but your stakes to have something on the top to keep the chain swivel from slipping off right? What are your stakes made out of? I use 18" of 3/8 or 1/2 inch rebar with a washer welded about a 1/2 to 3/4 down from one end, that way I can get a pair of vice grips on the stake and pull it out of the ground when I am done. I use two stakes crossed when coyote trapping and haven't never had a trap go missing. I have never had a coon even wiggle a single stake either.
yeah i saw your message. i never meant to put it in that guys thread I did it on my iphone and put it there accidentally. yeah we used rebar that has a head on it that is larger than the hole on the swivel so there is no way it could come out. It could be thieves because it is right on the little maumelle river and someone could probably see if one was trapped and my friend has had a camera stole off his land within a week of having it out there. it blows my mind though someone stealing coons!! also they didnt steal my other traps. I had a couple box traps clearly visible that they left alone. oh well. so you think just rebar is fine and you dont have to tie them to a tree?
Lengthen the chain on your traps. There is a good chance that a coon has pumped the stake out of the ground. There should be the results of a catch circle, if not, your traps got stolen.
I have used rebar ever since I started trapping and I haven't ever had a coon pump a stake out, lost a coyote or 2 on single stakes, if you are worried about it I would lengthen the chain, I don't like wiring anything, wire breaks, especially if it isn't at least doubled. Midnight Rider might have had different experiences than I have with coons. I had some sets on the White River this year and there was a guy using dog proofs near me and he was just single staking with rebar using the factory chain and I didn't see any of his stakes getting pumped, not sure how long they were buy I know they were rebar.
Congrats on the catch!

I don't like wiring to trees but I do it most of the time.

But when I use stakes I go with iron staked that are about 30 inches Long and about a half inch in diameter. Maybe a little bit of an overkill but I haven't had anythin pull a stake out. I have trouble pulling them up myself sometimes.
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