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  1. I went to lower today and I seen a mojo hanging from a tree!! I wish we would have had that idea. And to weigh in on the homo mojo debate, If you want to use them, then use them!!! If you don't then don't and quit acting like a cry babies about it. O and let's talk a about setting up in the middle of brushy, if thats where they want to set up so what!! Their not trying to get in you hole!! Pull up your panties and just hunt, if you want to land 200 ducks in your hole great, if you want to shoot the first one that hits the water GREAT!! People hunt different ways, get over it! I thought duck hunting was a sport not a contest. Btw I'm never in the boat race and almost every hunt I've been on in lower this year we have had to keep a close count, there are a ton of new ducks from this cold front and since I can't hunt this week someone should go wear them out down there! And I cant figure out the hype on the DFB, I've blow one and it needs a little more work, to feel like an olt, but I don't blow either I just put out more mojo's for the "movement". Just some advice it's just duck hunting!!! Have fun and take a kid or someone new to waterfowl!
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    I like the way you think!

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  4. Nope just tired of seeing you guys crying over duck hunting like a bunch of hens!!
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    You wouldnt happen to have long, straight, black hair would ya?
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    What's bad is alot of the hunters' sportsmanship and attitude is so foul these days it's making it hard to take a little one. I have one less than a year old and I would love to be able to take him on a flooded timber wma hunt but I dunno if that'll happen with some of these "tough guys/mr. I need to prove something" guys on alot of these wma's. It is getting ridiculous.

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    It's getting Freaking ridiculous when you get to the hole at 10 minutes after 4 after the boat race, and NO boat went the same way you went, and some sorry SOB shines a light on ya...from the hole.....saying he walked in from the ramp and didn't leave till 0400........and then 25 minutes later the other guys in your party coming walking in from the ramp...............

    This hole sitting business is freaking going to get some young folks in a heap of trouble!!!!

    Just go by the rules, have fun, and enjoy the hunt........too many people are in it for the wrong reasons!!
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    Excactly what you said dont mean mug me pull up there panties and hunt....... when i go wide open through there decoys in brushy....
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    thats my only argue!! if you beat me in the race fair and square so be it!! BUT when i AM the first boat to the hole and you shine a light on me!!! thats BS!!! I have saw 2 people this year ASLEEP in the hole on a log in a sleeping bag when i got there!!! that :censored: me off!!! It sux when you kill ducks a couple days with no problems....then the "SHOTCHASERS" ...yeah you know who you are come strollin in with there GPS's and mark ther hole and sleep in it that night!!!! just aint right!!! I had to vent too!!! now carry on
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    I posted this earlier, but thought it needs to be repeated...

    I just hope I'm not in the woods when it finally happens.
    I predict that before this year is over there is going to be a shootout in one or more of the WMAs. Respect has gone out the window and people are getting tired of doing all the work just to have someone (or someones) just move in before shooting hour (or move in because they here someone else killing ducks so they move in after day break).
    Boat races, hole sitters before 4:00, blockers, and all the other stupid things going on today will cause someone to get shot.
    We complain about all the druggies, and pieces of crap that invaid our everyday lives, why do we allow it to be brought to a sport we all love...
    Like I said earlier, I just hope I'm not in the woods when it finally happens, because it will be a bad day for all of us because they will close it all down and we all will suffer...
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    Closing it down for a year are two might b a good idea make people realize what they have when its open..
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    What most people that hunt where I do don't realize is, they are taking 30 min boat rides (to where there's backwater since its dry) and fighting over holes to kill "a bunch" of ducks, while I take my younger brother in his first year duck hunting to a few sloughs on a 4-wheeler, shoot our limit of woodies, watch the dog work, and come home. I've had the joy of seeing him kill his first duck, my dog make her first blind retrieve, and not expose him (my brother) to the evil side of duck hunting. He could care less wether the duck he kills has a green head, brown head or a hooded head. I am just thankful that we are able to have a good time. I'm sure later in the year or maybe it'll be next year before I can land a group of 50 mallards in his face, but at least he's learning now what duck hunting's all about; having fun and not seeing who can pull up to the ramp with the most green hanging over the side.
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    The inflated egos found bayou meto are just down right funny sometimes.
    I hunt the metro quite a bit (not so much this year) and normally with no more than 3 guys. If a group of 3 or 4 were to come in late or get turned around and not get a hole I would be more that happy to let them hunt with us instead of them setting up 50 yards away. I have no problem at all with hunting with guys that I've never met before, I was a guide for 6 years and have hunted with just as big of A holes as there are at the metro. The problem is that noone has ever come up and asked
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    You've got the right attitude my friend. I refuse to make myself miserable dealing with the "evil side of duck hunting" that you speak of....Been there, done that, and now I'm too old and set in my ways to put up with it. Besides, woodies eat better anyway. :thumb:

    Very sensible post. :up:
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    I agree, I do the same thing. If I pull up to my destination and if someone's there I politely explain that it's just me and a friend or my dad, if they aren't too numerous we could hunt together or compete all morning, as I would try my best to get as far away as I can. I do the same when people pull up and I'm already set up. I've actually hunted a week straight with a group of guys who were new to duck hunting that I met this way. They were in the hole I intended to hunt (and had been hunting) but they were glad to have me and my cousin hunt with them and every morning we'd agree on a time and meet back at the hole. They eventually wanted to pursue a spot "of their own" and take some of the tips I and others had given them and moved on. Things don't have to be ugly and nasty. There's more to life than killing ducks if you ask me. (although my fiancée may argue)
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    We spun the prop earlier this yr in the cut thru. After about 15 boats passed us or almost ran us over a couple of guys stopped and threw us a rope and offered to tow us in to hunt with them. :clap: Needless to say we were MOST appreciative! Had a great hunt and met a couple of really nice guys. Can't recall their names right offhand but they know who they are. If more people acted like these guys and quit the "ego :censored:" errbody would be fine. In the words of the infamous Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along"?
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    duck hunting has a high price

    if you wanna hunt with a guide or outfitter it's gonna cost you some dollar bills

    if you wanna hunt a lease or private ground it's gonna cost you some major dollar bills

    if you wanna hunt public land it's gonna cost you some major headaches, encounters with inconsiderate people, stress, worthless scouting, etc...

    what sacrifice you gonna make to pursue your passion? if you don't like the public option you better start picking up coke cans off the side of the road
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    Yap, yap, yap..........that's why there never has, nor ever will be a woman in my hunting party. I go hunting to get away from that crap.

    You're right, people hunt different ways.......some of us do it right.........the rest of ya'll are wrong.:down:
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    i'd like to nominate this as my favorite post of 2011
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    Where you been?:head: