First Hog Kill

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    Wednesday's bowhunt turned out a little different than expected. We were mostly deer hunting on some land known to have some hogs, and one of the farmers has some hog traps set, but they haven't been baited for several weeks. My buddy had about 20 hogs come under him around 7:30. A big boar that he estimated to be 200-300 pounds was right below him, but he didn't shoot the boar, figuring it wouldn't be good eating. Instead, he shot at a sow with his crossbow. He was pretty sure he missed, but waited in the tree until I came over at about 9:30. I found his arrow, and a lot of blood. We followed the trail--an easy blood trail to follow--for almost 9/10th of a mile. At the end of the trail, we found several spots where the sow went down, evidently rubbing dirt in the wound, because after that, there was no more blood. Hard to believe after following the trail for so far. The sow bled continuously the whole way, we rarely had to slow down to follow the trail. Very disappointed with the outcome, we walked back to pick up our stands, pigless. We had another 1/2 mile hike out to the 4-wheeler. There's one of the farmer's hog traps about 50 yards from the 4-wheeler, and it's got one in it!--wasn't there yesterday He had already told us that he catches them and gives 'em away, and if we had a chance, kill all we could. Dang, that pig was mad and mean! I wish I had a video of him trying to get out, and then of him charging at me. Sure am glad the fence held! If he had gotten out, he would have probably ate us up! It took a little while, but when he finally got still long enough, I introduced him to Mr. Glock, and he took a dirt nap. I didn't hear him say we, we, we even once all the way home! Made some fine sausage, sliced some tenderloin, and grilled some ribs from that dude today! I think this could become fun!

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    Sounds like you had some good fun! I am going to have to find a place to go give it a try.

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    Good job on getting some sausage!! Still trying to get me one before the year is up.
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    There alot of fun to hunt, problem is on our place they move mostly at night. I have managed to shoot two of them this year. There really good eating to.
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  7. Sounds like you had a blast. Congrats
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    if you can get any steaks thick steaks cut out of them you wont regret it. best steaks i've ever had!

    just a question??? can you kill ones that are in Game and fishes traps on wma's? i'm assuming you arent allowed but does anyone know is it actually says it anywhere???

    sorry not trying to swipe ur thread

    congrats :up:
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