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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by tiger82, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. tiger82

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    Hunting the edge of a swamp this evening when a doe came through acting weird. She wasnt running all out but she never would come to a complete stop although she would slow considerably to look over her shoulder. She had her tail straight up. I decided to pass on her because I thought maybe a buck was pushing her. About a 100 yds behind her was a coyote hot on her trail. I've never seen one chasing a deer before. I was hunting with my muzzleloader trying to complete the triple trophy. Well, big plume of smoke and Arkansas has one less yote. Good hunt but still need to kill one with my muzzleloader and only one more chance to use it.
  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    One less yote!! :thumb:

  3. Zach Jaynes

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    True dat! Job well done. Kill 'em all!
  4. truck24hr

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    Watched 2 yotes chase and catch a doe on a small Ar river island about 6 years ago.
  5. Heck yeah death to the yote. Congrats.
  6. Had two does do that once. Thy were blowing and getting closer and closer and trotted by my stand looking over their shoulder ever so often. About 2 minutes later a bobcat come through from the same direction.
  7. stumpy

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    I thought muzzle loading opened the 15th...
  8. RC

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    You can Muzzleload during any modern gun season.

    Good job taking out a yote!
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    I had a coyote chase a doe and a 2 year old 8 point right out in front of my stand last year during muzzeloader season. I didnt shoot the buck he was to small but I heard running coming from behind them and they took off running me knowing it had to be a bigger buck, but it was just a big coyote. I blasted him. He had a beautiful coat thats for sure.
  10. mikebri

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  11. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    I watched a doe chase a bobcat across my shooting lane afew years ago blowing at every few seconds , ran it plumb out of hearing, not long after that went past a baby deer came across the shooting lane. Guess cat got to close for moms comfort
  12. CBD

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    I killed one this year that chased two does out of a thicket.
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    I think Stumpy is correct! Is there a Modern Gun Season open right now??? Of so, where?
  14. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    Zone 12 $ 13 till sunday
  15. tiger82

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    Yes you can hunt with a Muzzleloader during modern gun season and Modern gun is open until the 16th in Zone 9 and a few others.
  16. Kpatterson

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    Had a coyote chase a doe by me in bow season and killed him and about an hour later 5 bucks can through.