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Bagged my first predator about an hour and half before watching the Razorbacks. Got off from work with time to make one stand. About 7 mins into my calling, here he came. I heard him trotting through the thicket trying to get down wind. I hit my fox pro for just a couple seconds and it pulled him right out at 75 yards. Woofed him to a stop and boom, hit the ground.

I will admit this was my 9th try since the new year. Meaning 9 calling locations, I typically try to get in at least two if not three when I hunt. I think what made this time a success was the short calling time. Called for a minute or two vs letting it run continuously for 5-8min. Shut up for a few minutes and call again for another minute. Im hunting very thick cover, lucky to see more than 150yards in some spots.

I think Im learning a bit but no where near a pro. Any advice would be appreciated. My goal is 3 coyotes for every deer killed this year, 11 to go.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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