First Come First Serve

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    Four guys set up and spend the night in the woods at DD totally expecting that since they where there first they get to hunt with noone else to bother them.At a respectable hour the two gentelman in thier sixties that have hunted in this location since they where kids show up to hunt. The BBDH's that have spent the entire night in the location and have spent the two prior days out on a slough to get closer to the shooting and finally found thier way in tell the two gentelman they are not welcome. The two gentelman try too explain thier side and that there is plenty of room and ducks but the BBDH's dont want to hear it and tell the gentelman to leave. The gentelman leave and on thier way to thier truck they call thier friend the GW and report the incident. The BBDH's spend the night again and the next morning the gentelman return only this time there is four of them the BBDH"s explain again they are not welcome at wich time only one of them replies and says that is fine but each of you is welcome to a thousand dollar ticket as he pulls out his badge. The moral of the story is that for those of you that are driving to DD now that a few things have changed and gonna run someone out of a spot they like to hunt you are not. You can spend the night out there in the cold and like it or not if someone else shows up to hunt you either have to hunt or leave you cant ask them to leave just cause you got there first and those of us that hunt up here are not gonna be run of by some punk in matching camo wearing a benie and driving a edge.
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    If someone is in the hole already, why would you even go in and ask to hunt. Some people, including myself, don't like to hunt with a large group. Those guys could have easily gone to another hole instead. I'm not condoning those fellas sleeping in the hole btw. Tickets were deserved.

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    My camo doesn't match.
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    Mine doesn't either, but I do use commas and periods
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    Well, you better just stay in SE ark. :fit:
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    This is the reason decoys got taken away. You got beat, go on don't be a sore loser just because grandpa hunted that hole..... ITS NOT YOURS. Just because it's legal don't mean it's right. This very scenario is playing out all over DD and it's so childish for the old men to just walk in and hunt with a group thats already in the hole...... The old DD is gone, get over it. And you bet I'd go to court over that ticket.
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    What was the game wardens name?
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    Jesus....what is wrong with you people up there... FIGURE IT OUT.
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    The title of your thread pretty much says it. It's public land! I don't hunt DD but I do BL. "We" had a blind there so believe me when I say I understand both sides of the argument. However, it's attitudes like this that contributed to blinds being burned and decoys taken out. Heck, big lake has an even better argument. At least most of them/us built the blind and kept it up. Don't see how someone could get a ticket for beating someone to a spot and not "inviting" them to hunt. And don't be so quick to stereotype "matching camo" and "edge" owners. If I'm gonna buy bibs and a coat, why in the world would I choose two different camo's? This is just a ridiculous thread. I'm by know means a BBDH. Been hunting over twenty years and am proud to say I learned the right way from old timers. Get over it man, seriously!
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    Settle it with a shootout....Just like in the old days.

    Yep, that's what I'd do, I tell ya what.
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    First Come First Serve.......and yet you called the game warden because they didnt invite you to hunt.....haha this is good.....
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    What was the ticket for?

    DD get ready I see a 4:00 boat races in your future.
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    Undoubtably lack of southern hospitality, which normally results in a butt chewin from momma and one less biscuit
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    Yeah I see next Year's regs stating no one allowed in until after a certain time.
    But regs do state that all duck hunters have to leave by 1300. So if they never left and stayed out through the night then they broke the law. I would even say if they did leave and returned like 1500 and stayed until the next morning, I believe they could have been ticketed hunting during a closed season since they probably had all the gear to duck hunt with them past the closing time.
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    Its the no tresspassing rule from 2-4 that gets most people

    Area Notes:

    A free Sweet 16 WMA permit is required to hunt any species on this WMA. Click here to receive your permit.
    This area is in the Black River Flood Prone Region. Click here for details.
    For all hunters except deer muzzleloader permit holders, the Waterfowl Rest Area (part of Section 16 and all of Section 21, Township 19N, Range 3E lying south of Black River) and Brookings Moist Soil Unit are closed to access Nov. 1-Feb. 15.
    Lake Ashbaugh is closed to hunting.
    Hubble Lake is closed to all hunting, exept teal hunting during the early teal season.
    Nonresident waterfowl hunters need a Nonresident Wildlife Management Area Waterfowl Hunting Permit.
    Winchester WRA and the Brookings moist-soil units are open to deer muzzleloader permit hunters only Oct. 37-31 and deer modern gun youth hunt permit holders only Nov. 3-4.

    DD doesnt have area specific regs
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    A couple things I'm curious about:

    1. What kind of grown person would stay ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT in a whole for a dang duck? Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

    2. What kind of grown person would tit to the point of calling a GW because they got beat to their "special" hole?

    What is the world coming to?
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    The difference between a puppy and a duck hunter is that the puppy will grow up and stop whining.
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    why would you even go in and ask to hunt.

    Cause that's the kind of folks that we have coming up in the sport. You know the punks wearing beanies and driving edges. :fit: They stack their ducks on the front of the boat because they are embarrassed to show up at the ramp with no ducks. Most started duck hunting either when the spinner came out or some even well after the spinner came out. No one taught them a little common courtesy means when you see a light in the woods, you go somewhere else. I don't like hunting with a bunch of folks either. Four is ideal and no more than six is my preference.

    Folks are just raised different these days. I cannot fathom what goes through someone's head when they see a light and head that way anyway. They can't kill ducks anywhere else but that one spot?

    I don't think DD has a 4am rule so the tickets could not have been for entering early. If someone is ignorant enough to spend the night in the woods cause they are such poor duck hunters they have to be in that spot to kill ducks, well my hats off to their efforts, they have can have spot.

    I would like to know the violation the ticket was written for? Getting a ticket for "telling someone they cannot hunt" doesn't make any sense at all. There's nothing illegal about asking someone to move on.

    And $1000? How did the game warden know the amount? I thought the judge usually determined the amount? (Maybe wrong on that last part.)

    Can you fill us in on the rest of the details?
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