finally tracked down his happy place

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  1. he is NOT the biggest buck out there by far. But he has taunted me all season. We have been in a battle of brains and well he is winning. But I have now figured out his main area to roam. I have a LOT of pics of him. But they are all at night. This is that area I spoke of and requested help with stand height. But now I have tracked him down. All I can do is keep sitting there and waiting for him to come out at night. The other one on here is just a freak. I would like to get him out of the herd. But I like the freaky ones too. I like the way they look on the wall. I hope it all works out for me. Just thought I would share the pics.




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    Hope you get a shot at him.

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    Good luck! Look forward to seeing the "after" pics.
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    hope you get him . Im getting pics and vids of a buck that looks very much like him, nice buck with short g3s . .good luck
  5. Like I said, I know he is not a monster. But after all the tracking down and stuff I have done to find him. He will be the one I'm the most proud to have on the wall, euro mount that is. He is smart, to smart for me so far. Thanks for the confidence, lol.
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    Good luck!! A late season bowkill would be great!! :thumb:
  7. thats what I am hoping for. I have not shot anything yet so maybe I can catch something out in the day time.
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    I'd love to have that freak on the wall.