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I've had the worst luck all year. I've not got to hunt much and when I have something screwed it up. I was working on getting moved into the house and didn't even go to the HSV hunt and only went hunting once during early bow season. I saw a nice little 8pt at 20 yards but it had 5 beagles behind it.:censored: Then on the doe days the only thing I saw were bucks. The only day I hunted with a gun some guy parked behind my truck after I got to my spot, walked in about 150 yards past me and shot the buck I saw during bow season and doe days.:censored:

I've had a feeder out since early bow season but have never seen a deer at it. Two weeks ago I put out some corn, but didn't see anything on it so Tuesday I poured about 1/2 bag of rice bran on it and started seeing a little bit of action at it. I had put a ground blind up about 15 yards from the pile and just let it sit there for about a week. I went out this afternoon about 3:30 with my camera that my wife got me for fathers day. I turned it on and it said the card was full so I checked it and found that after charging the battery I accidentally pressed record and had a 8 hour movie of my kitchen ceiling and a dead battery. Yet again:censored:.

About 5:35 a young doe, probably 2.5 years old slipped in through the woods and started eating the corn. She didn't seemed spooked, but was so close she seemed to hear my heart beating. She started at the corn and seemed to stop paying attention to me so I drew back. She lifted her head up and I let it fly. Odd thing: This is the first deer I've shot that I didn't hear the impact. Of course it could be that the arrow it a rock after exiting and made a pretty sharp sound. She didn't seem to jump and ran straight away from me into some nasty think brush. I went back to the house to get a light, sat around for about 20 minutes and went back to look for her. Did I mention that my blind is about 75 yards from the house?:cool:

I got out the light and could find a single drop of blood. I did find my arrow and it looked great, covered with pink frothy blood. I decided to just do a grid search and started by going up the easiest trail and started sweeping the ground with the light. I got about 30 yard down the trail and saw the familiar eye looking back at me. She had gone about 40 yard and dropped. The shot was a little forward in the shoulder but got a good solid pass through on both shoulders. I'm guessing I caught the front of both lungs by the amount of blood that was on the ground in front of her mouth.

She's not huge, and don't have horns, but she'll eat good. Oh by the way Doc. She had about 1/4" of fat over her backstraps. I wouldn't say she was thin at all.

Oh and sorry about the confusing text team 17.

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