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After about a two year hiatus, where i didn't shoot a bow at all. I got my hands back on my old Aeroforce and rebuilt it. Went to DNW today and finally shot it lol. At first i was not doing very good at all. I couldn't even keep a 6 inch group at twenty yards.

But after a cple minutes of calming down and focusing i was able to get it to group better. I had a new string made for it, and it was a bit louder than normal. However someone up there suggested some whiskers, and boy that did the job, shes back to being quiet now lol.

My specs are....

Draw weight....51lbs
Draw length....26 1/2 inches
Arrow weight ....427 grains
Speed ....213 FPS...(this is where you go CRAP THATS SLOW! LOL)
But it gives me 43 flbs of KE.

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