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Finally Got Somethin!!

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This is my first year bowhunting and I must say it has been eventful. I missed a small buck opening morning and followed up with a poor shot that wounded a deer that I recently saw on the property getting around just fine. I had another encounter with a buck that I hit bout found minimal blood as well my bowhunting career was looking pretty slim. Last week before our zoned muzzleloader hunt I climbed into my Ameristep fixed position stand and was there all of 45 minutes when I saw a red fox coming my way I had seen a pair before but couldn't get drawn so I said to myself if i can stand up its gametime sure enough i got stood up and was able to draw she stopped 20 yards away near a peanut butter lick I had set out and I stuck her right there. I was shocked at myself but glad at the sametime it wasn't what I was after but just making a good shot was reward enough for me and by it being my first bow kill its definitely going on the wall!!!:biggrin::biggrin:


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congrats and as you gain experience you will only get better.....................
congrats and as you gain experience you will only get better.....................

Practice, practice, practice.....and then practice some more!!!! The more time you spend in the stand the more comfortable you'll get and that will lead to more successful hunts. BTW I have my first fox pelted and on the wall also!!!!
Awesome! CONGRATS! Killing a fox is awesome!
Welcome to the Fourm!
Congrats on the fox. Like the others said, keep practicing and gaining experience. The good shots will come.
Some people dont realize how mean and nasty foxes can be. I have seen them scare away deer. One of the worst things I ever seen was a fox find a bed of baby rabbits while I was on stand. The dang thing laid on the baby rabbits and ate them one by one. I tried yelling to stop it but couldnt get an arrow through some thick stuff. It sucked.
Pretty impressive for your first bowkill!!! I killed my first deer with my bow last weekend so I know how you feel! Congrats!
awesome! Congrats! Killing a fox is awesome!
Welcome to the fourm!
I have bowhunted for 23 years and never been able to kill a fox. May not be a trophy deer but a trophy in it's own right. Those suckers are slick and hard to kill.
congrats, welcome to the site!
A red fox is a true trophy and a red fox with a bow is that much more awesome.
Congrats on the fox! That's not an easy bowkill!
Congrats!! Not a deer but that's a great first kill in my book! Welcome to the best hunting forum on the web!:up:
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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