Finally get some time to coyote hunt.

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  1. Between Deer gun season and my job here in Missouri I have had very little time to coyote hunt lately and when I have hunted I have been slumping.


    Made a stand this morning. Picture above is the view from the stand. A very strange dog decoying hunt ensued at first light. My Airedale Pearl spotted a pair of coyotes slipping into the draw in front of me from my hard right. I think because she quickly lost sight of them in the draw instead of charging hard to them she eased out slowly. My cur dog Ellie Mae never spotted them and hung by my side. With no sounds of barking or action I wondered if the coyotes had slipped out of the draw unseen. Then I noticed Pearl walking around slowly with the two coyotes very calmly watching her and trailing her. Pearl did not lead them back to me but just locked them in a stare down. Which I took advantage of by shooting the male of the pair. Below are Pearl and Ellie with the mornings results.


    Jack in Missouri