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Finally chose a crossbow what do yall think?

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Hey everyone I chose the Horton summit elite 175. It has 175# draw, 3 dot scope, quiver, 3 bolts, shoulder stap, and cocking device. I chose this after shooting this one and the Excal. warrior this one had a little faster fps, and fit my arms better, and was a little lighter it has a nice camo pattern real tree. It also has a life time warranty. Does anyone have one of these? I got it for $300 it was retaled at $369. I was very impressed with it for my 1st crossbow. So what the good, bad, and ugly with this bow any thoughts?:clap:
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All that matters is that you like it. I have a Barnett revolution and people are really down on Barnett. It shoots good for me that is all that matters.
Ya I had looked at some of those and my ex told heck no to put it nicely that they dont hold in cocking postion that they would fire when they had been in that postion very long thats why he is my ex lol he thought he knew everything lol dumb :censored: lol
Ha!! The only gripe I have had with mine is the trigger is pretty lousy but you get use to it. Enjoy that crossbow. I am sure you will be pleased with it.
I had the 2009 model i have shot horton my whole life i had to send mine back twice so they could change out the cams and the camo started peeling off.I sold mine now I own a parker enforcer which i really like and I just ordered a tenpoint pro-slider. guess it all depends on what suits you they have probablly got all the kinks out of the horton by now though.:thumb:
if i am correct, horton only has lifetime warranty on certain parts of the bow, not the whole bow itself. i could be wrong about this though.
Dang man making me jealous i need a new cross-bow mine is a no-name 150 black and ugly im going to get a new one for 2012 just dont tell my wife
Sorry about the cuss word. It shoots real smooth im real pleased with it. the only thing that the warrenty doesny cover is strings.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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