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    Well i'm glad a lot of guys have had tremendous success this year. But a lot of us haven't have any luck at all. I've had a blind up and tried placing stands in 5 different locations. I finally found a flat that lies at the bottom of a steep hill. Sandwiched between a road and a bluff. It was covered with sign but the deer were still few and far between. Well today all those untold hours in the stand finally paid off. At 10:45 this morning this bad boy showed up and he lost a speed contest with my .308 win, Ruger All-Weather. (go figure my Ruger was slightly faster...) So he's meat in the freezer. He isn't the biggest deer i've ever taken but the adrenaline rush was there and man you just can't beat that feeling!!! :thumb: :up: :thumb:

    And i'll take a medium sized 8 point on heavily hunted public land any day.

    So i'm finally on the board this year. And I wish luck to any guys who haven't had success yet this year. And to my buddy John? That buck might still be at the bottom of that hill without your help. And I hope you shoot a big one soon.


    I've already been told that deer sticking his tongue out was a sign of disrespect? ILMAO. I figure it was his last final act of defiance. :clap:



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    NE Ark
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    Nice deer!

    That drag woulda been a little easier without the guts in it.
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    I'd take that 8 any day and twice on Sunday. Congrats!
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    Congrats! Been a tuff year for me too.
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    Must have take a quick number two by the looks of your shirt!:cool:
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    Thats my buddy John. And I think thats his lucky shirt!!!!

    Miketyson26 :flag:
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    Nice Buck!! Congrats!!:up: