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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Sylamore, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Sylamore

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    First priority is to think all for the concern and support while trying to recover from last Tuesdays tornado. It was quite an experience even though it missed my house by about 3/4 mile. One of the first phone calls, I received the next morning was from Pat Gooch checking on us.

    Being without electricity for six days was also quite an experience and the difficult part for my family was the care of my elderly mother (87) who has Alzheimer's Disease. We survived with camping equipment for a couple of days and then it become impossible to care for mom properly, so my wife and mother went to Batesville and stayed in a motel for five days.

    The electrical service was restored for us at 4:00 P.M. this afternoon.

    We got to celebrate our 42nd Wedding Anniversary in a storm cellar. It would have been kind of romantic except three was a crowed and my wife was really scared.

    I'll share more with you all later. I just want to say what a great job the first responders did for this community. One lady lost her life in the storm and several were badly hurt. Our prayers are for them. Entergy employees and many others that dropped what they were doing to come here and help deserve our praise. I especially appreciate the support of you guys/gals that called and offered assistance. A big Thanks! to you from my family and the community of Mountain View.

    Syl. :thumb:
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  2. elwaller

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    Glad you and family OK. Prayers are with the ones that lost so much. Wish I would have been off work abd home to offer any asst. that I could offer.
    In Baton Rouge on the day of storm and watching on INternet the path of storm and praying holding my breath that it would miss my home which it did.
  3. snydedawg

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    Glad ya'll made it out okay!!! And sorry for the loss of your neighbor.

    Glad to see you back, bro.
  4. F B

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    Im glad to hear everything is well.
  5. John Stiles

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    Right on time to get knocked off agin:confused: Welcome back bru!:thumb:kinda got worried bout you!
  6. BUCKSHOT_106

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    Great to see you and your family made it out well, some wern't so lucky.:frown:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Glad you and yours are safe! Sorry for the loss of your neighbor, she will be in our prayers!

    Thanks for the kudos though...I stayed south to work, but had a bag packed and was ready to ride north!!! We were just doing what we get paid to do!!!!!
  8. 10pointman

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    Glad to hear yall are ok.Sounds like you barely got missed by the real bad stuff
  9. Gooch

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    That will be one to remember!:biggrin:

    Welcome back!
  10. Manybeards

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    Welcome back...Glad ya made it
  11. .270Win

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    Welcome back Syl, glad you and your family are ok after the storms. :thumb:

  12. bett_lou

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    I'm so glad your okay Syl. We were all thinking about you and yours. Prayers for your friends and community.
  13. Arkie_3_fan

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    Glad to hear you made it through, Syl.
    My family from MV made it without any damage as well.
  14. flintknapper

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    So, rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated? Good to hear! Gotta love a woman that will spend 42 years with you, then hide in a storm celler with you to celebrate. Glad you're all OK. :thumb:
  15. Buba Garrett

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    Welcome back and our prayers out to those in need!
  16. BuzzBait

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    Glad to see you back bro....:wink: