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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by snydedawg, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I just got in a half dozen Cabela's Collapsible Field decoys. They're made by Sport-Plast.

    I bought a set of "feeders" and plan to try 'em out Saturday morning. The field we hunt has spilled over into an adjacent corn field that has essentially "sheet water" in the west end.

    Everytime I've hunted there the ducks have sailed to this area and started to wade out and feed in the mud. So, I decided to try out a few of these dekes.

    My first impression was "Why didn't I buy more of 'em?" They look really good. They are basically like the rubber turkey dekes that Wal-Mart carries.

    At $42 shipped per half dozen they ain't what I call cheap, but they aren't nearly as costly as the other "full body" dekes on the market. I had some Flambeau field dekes that I gave away because I hated the way they looked and they were simply fixed in place. These are on a single stake that gives good movement in the wind. (I had 'em out playing with them a few minutes ago just to see how they looked.) The paint schemes are great and they look like DUCKS.

    They may not help any at all, but I had to give 'em a try to see whether they improved my success rate.

    What I have planned is to set them up right at the mud/water line and put two inflatables directly behind them to look like ducks swimming to meet them, while I lay, mudded in; in the furrows upwind of them.

    It may not work out, but the wind and weather for Saturday is supposed to be perfect to try them out.

    Has anyone else tried this? And specifically has anyone tried these dekes??

    Oh yeah..... I've got another corny plan too. I too one of my snow geese rags and cut it down to about a third of hte original size. I'm gonna try to "flag" the ducks just like geese and see if I can get them fixed on the area the feeders are in. I doubt it will work on anything other than ducks at the opposite end of the field, but my logic was that if I can get their attention to the area, then maybe (just maybe) they'll spot the dekes and come in for a closer look. Not too sure how this;ll work either, but if is works on spring season snows; it may be worth a shot on late season mallards. And I'm only going to offer low quacks and feed calls. Anything other than that has flared the ducks smooth off the field lately.
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    Sounds like you have a really great plan. I hope everything works out for ya. If it does and you need some help just let me know. Good Luck!

  3. snydedawg

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    Well it turned out alright!!! I finally got some green..... heads that is!!

    I set up n the wrong place this morning... just like all season! But, I moved and re-set and things got to happening!!

    The "flagging" was a bad decision!!! Didn't flare 'em or anything, it just didn't help. But, I got to kicking water (I was laying down in a
    Gooseview Recliner) as hard as I could kick it and the ducks couldn't resist it!!! Thye sailed right in to my boots!!

    Headed back in the a.m. and hoping that they return to the same place as they did today.

    One thing that will help is the neighbors are hunting their field tomorrow. It was coverd up and ducks just weren't hittin us very good.

    Thanks for the "good luck" wish.... looks like it helped!!
  4. jjarvis0007

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    Great im glad to hear that it helped. Somehow it might have helped us too. :thumb: Good Luck to ya!
  5. snydedawg

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    Just so ya know the "luck" held out another day.

    I got five ducks this morning in the same field and set-up. And I shot the "freak" I described in the "hybrids" post.

    It may not be anything special at all once I get it identified, but I was sure glad to get it!!!
  6. jjarvis0007

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    Well Congrats on the good hunts and the "freak" duck! I wish the luck on ya for the rest of this last session. It didnt work for us this morning on public but this week will be better with people back at school. Good Luck!
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    Hey Jarvis

    Whats up the good buddy?????? Ijust woke up and had enough , strength to write you a line. Man me and my bud wore on there asses alll day Sat didn't get home till after 8:00 pm. I tried to call but you were in bed as was I shortly thereafter. we killed limits Sat. on the river, and found a neet little hiddy hole they been using. we went back yesterday but the wind was blowing them way off my hole and then they just quit flying, I don't blame them it was bad windy. Got to work this am but I'll be ready to go to the public Tuesday// call me!!!:thumb: :thumb: :razz: :cool: