Fertilizing my pasture this weekend

Discussion in 'Habitat Management' started by JasonS, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    Just had to add another discussion to the list. Looked at this forum and it showed 666 discussions. Sorry nothing relavent
  2. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    But I am putting out Urea with agritane this weekend

  3. mk1848

    mk1848 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Glad you got us off that number.
  4. CoyoteControlInc

    CoyoteControlInc Well-Known Member

    Thumbs up on the agrotain. If you can get Super U it’s even better but not as available. Mainly glad you got us off the number of discussions.
  5. bez71

    bez71 Well-Known Member

    What is agritane?
  6. CoyoteControlInc

    CoyoteControlInc Well-Known Member

    Urease inhibitor that prevents volatilization of some forms of nitrogen fertilize such as urea.
  7. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    Can you dumb it down a little. Lol. I was going to start a thread on what fertilizer to use on my food plots but saw this. Don’t have a clue what y’all are talking about but would love to learn. Help a brother out.
  8. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    Friend of mine is a very successful rice scout and knows a lot about chemicals and fertilizer. All I know about it is his phone number. Sorry
  9. CoyoteControlInc

    CoyoteControlInc Well-Known Member

    It keeps the fertilizer from changing forms and losing much of your nitrogen to the atmosphere as ammonia.