Ferguson's Meat Market @ Atkins

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  1. My deer season was horrid. So bad that Shifty even gave me a deer. Yes, it was that bad.

    Anyways, I took the deer to get processed in Atkins at Ferguson's Meat Market.

    Well, sometime between me dropping the deer off and me picking it up, Shifty's nice super-whamadine-cooler "walked off."

    I let the lady working the counter there know about this and Ferguson, the owner, cut me a check to cover for the cooler. He said 4 or 5 coolers, nice coolers, have been stolen this year. He's bought every person who has lost one, a new cooler.

    I'll definitely keep using him. It's hitting him in the pocket book, and technically, it's not his fault that the cooler got stolen, but he's made it right every time for those who have had their stuff stolen. That is a good businessman that cares about what the public thinks. Therefore, I give him this free endorsement. :up:
  2. ruger08

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    Glad the owner is taking care of his customers. Theres always some sorry SOBs that has to ruin someone elses day.

  3. J. Garrett

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    Mike is FIRST CLASS!! If anyone needs beef, he raises his own and doesn't feed them any kind of growth hormones. I've been buying my beef from him for several years and they are always very good. :up::up:
  4. jpsimmons45

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    We have been using Ferguson's for several years now. They are the best!
  5. biggobs

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    Yes, Mike is a really good guy. We usually have around 40-50 sticks of his summer sausage made each year & they are gone by the next deer season. I have had summer sausage made from 3 or 4 different meat processors in this area & in my opinion his is the best. I actually had a client of mine who is 94 come in my office (Edward Jones Investments in Russellville) Friday morning & thanked me for the summer sausage I gave him at Christmas & said his kids, grandkids & great grandkids devoured it over the holidays. I get that all the time. Everyone seems to love that stuff. My 7 & 4 year old eat it like candy!!!
  6. Juice

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    I've known Mike since we were kids and he'll treat you right. Hate to hear about people stealing like that. Sounds like he needs some cams setup.

    TUBBYONE Well-Known Member

    Mike is a good guy!! Makes great summer sausage.:up:
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    really nice people, that is where i take all of mine. they do a great job. glad he did you right.:thumb:
  9. BDW

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    Mike is good people, and that summer sausage is by far the best I've ever had. :up: