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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Bubbab_beck, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Bubbab_beck

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    Is this even legal i cant find anything on it. I have a HUGE feral cat problem, i have game cam pics, and have seen them by the dozens. As soon as on goes away *wink* it seems like 2 take its place. Being a trapper, i figured wth, use some traps in the off season. Any idea on a good set or bait?

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    Remeber the 3 S's... :whistle:

  3. d2

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    Live traps baited with cat food would work and make it easier if you wanted to release any thing that you wanted too,except for skunks. But it can be done...d2
  4. Bubbab_beck

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    They are robbing my live trap.....

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    Get a better one, they will bend the crap out of them trying to get out and squeeze around the door. Also you can bend the door stay and make the trap a little more sensitive.
  6. Buck-Ridge

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    They will go in a rabbit box trap for about any thing edible. I have set one several times and usually catch my own cat first.
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    Wire canned cat foot just behind the trigger on the live trap. Don't open the lid all the way so they have to work at it a little bit and shift their feet around.
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    I used to catch all of the cats around my grandpa's farm when I'd set too close to the house using a can cover on a leghold trap. It's like half of a gallon metal can (cut in half lengthwise) and set up where they have to reach into the can to reach the bait at the back of it. Put a log on top of the can to keep them from flipping it over or drive a couple of pieces of rebar into the ground crossing over the top of the can. I used to use a can of Jack Mackerel or sardines for bait.
  9. Buck-Ridge

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    I have caught cats a few times in Leghold traps. I released them because I thought they might be some little kids pet. They are pretty ferocious in a leg trap. It is much easier to release them from a live trap and safer. A big Tom cat will eat you up. Since it is a felony now I wouldn't kill one or publicize it if I did.
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    220 conibears in a bucket. X2 on SSS. You can have a heart or take care of the problem. It is not legal.
  12. Lungbustr05

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    If you do it set out your live traps before the buckets and bait them with something sweet. The cats should leave most the sweet stuff alone and you can relocate the coons before you kill the cats.
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    Is it a felony to trap or kill a feral pig? Why would you say it is a felony to do the same to a feral cat. These are nuisance animals. Not the neighbors pet. That felony for animal abuse is a pretty specific charge and it is thrown around here anytime someone talks about killing a dog or cat. You CAN kill an animal causing a nuisance on your property Unless it is regulated by game and fish and in that case I couldn't say. That is what friends I have on the local and county pd told me. If he is seeing a dozen cats on his game cam those aren't the neighbors cats gathering together for a little corn snack they are feral cats causing a nuisance. Unless your neighbor has a dozen cats they aren't feeding then they would be looking at animal abuse charges I guess. Don't take my word for it and call your locals. I guess mine could not know what they are talking about but I like to think they do.

    I kill probably 3 feral cats a year. I don't kill every cat I see on my property because if they want to hunt a mouse or two then go home I am all for it but if it takes up residence under my house or shop it is a dead cat. Crazy thing is it looks like I kill the same cat every time. Grey with black stripes and they all look exactly a like. Maybe it keeps coming back from the dead to tick me off.