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    I have a Female Walker that I would let go cheap,($100) because I no longer coon hunt. I got her as a pup, and had her started well, then quit hunting and she has pretty much sat in the pen for a couple of years. I cannot promise anything on her; except that she will go crazy on a cage coon, is good mannered (friendly), has a good bawl on track and chop on tree.

    Solid bloodlines, but no papers (long story), so I guess bloodlines don't mean squat. I know of two littermates that made GR.Night Ch. well before 1 yr old.

    I feel that she would make a young feller a good PLEASURE dog, if he will hunt her. Wife got her for me for birthday present, is only reason I still have her.



    ----Post below is one I placed back in 9/2008, when I first thought about selling-----
    I have a Treing Walker Female who is almost 3yr. Old.
    She was started nearly 2 yr ago, then we had a Baby and I got out of Coon Hunting. She is NOT REGISTERED, the Jerk I bought her from told me the Pup papers were on the way, then after they came in, he wanted another $300 for the papers after I paid him for her and brought her home as a puppy.

    She is Texas Lotto bred (out of his last litter before being put down I'm told.)

    She is bawl track, yoddle locate, chop tree..(2 yr ago).

    I can't promise anything on her now, as she has been in the pen for some time. I would keep her and feed her, but my little girl keeps asking for "Beagle Puppies."

    I pastor a Church/live in a parsonage, and do not need to start a Large kennel in the back yard. HA!

    This is a Good looking female with lot's of energy and ready to go with someone who want's to hunt more than once every 2 years.

    Price is $250 OBO

    I'll try to take pictures in a day or two.

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    Will let go VERY CHEAP to young hunter..................

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    I know nothing about his female, but I hunted alot in UKC years ago against Texas Lotto, infact I beat him pretty frequently with my blue dogs. But one thing I knew about Lotto was that he was a good honest level headed hound that you'd better get the tree on first. Caused when he pulled up treed, it was a loud roaring thunder and was VERY hard to hear another dog treed with him. Lotto was a very loud and good tree dog.
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    $75...gotta go...no place to keep her
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    Give me a CALL 817 219 9084 LIKE TO TALK ON PHONE ABOUT THE DOG
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    do you still have any of your dogs for sale
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    how old are them dogs you have
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    im 16 years old just had heart surgery 3 weeks ago so it is makeing it hard on me to train my four month old walker i would like to know what kinda deal we could make if u think she could make a good pup trainer if i hunted her some? you can call
    470.857.1335 if no answer leave msg. and i will call you back. thanks!