Feinstein plans to capitalize on the tragedy...

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by muleheaded, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. muleheaded

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    As I said...


    Feinstein will introduce ban legislation as soon as is humanly possible.

    Bloomberg even went on to state, "The president has to tell this country what to do."
    Thankfully there are enough checks and balances left that he can't actually do that,

  2. mwmwbm

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    no suprise. but your link dont work.

  3. muleheaded

    muleheaded Well-Known Member

    Until i get the link fixed at my computer instead of this phone, just hit fox news. It's a headline story.
  4. dlfarley

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    Watching it now. Plans to introduce bill at beginning of next session.
  5. sam

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    Only good thing about Feinstein is she's not Speaker of the House anymore and not 3d in line of the Presidency.
  6. mwmwbm

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    fienstein is a senator.
  7. dlfarley

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    I'm reading this on the ticker as I type...Feinstein says the bill would ban the future sale, transfer, importation and possession of military style assault weapons and big clips (her words not mine), drums or strips of more than 10 rounds.
  8. dlfarley

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    Also mayor doomburg wants gun control to be oblummers number one priority.
  9. sam

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    OK, my bad I got her mixed up with Pelosi, almost the same thing.
  10. muleheaded

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    Ok, here's the link.


    Several things about this chap my hide, but here are the main points;
    First and foremost, there is no law or legislation that will keep crazy people from doing crazy things. Having measures in place to stop carnage as quickly as it starts is a much more logical plan. Yes, I'm aware that's not what socialist policy legislators want, but it's still logical.
    Secondly, it's been stated, restated and confirmed that the assailant in Connecticut did not utilize an AR in his assault. The intentionally inflammatory media keeps insinuating that there was a cache of EBRs used at the school and it's an outright lie perpetrated to further the gun-grabbing agenda.
    Connecticut has some of the strictest firearms laws in the U.S., yet this horrible tragedy took place in CONNECTICUT!
    Really I could go on and on but I won't.
  11. 4hunting

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    He was on CBS this morning and said he and Obama had already been talking. Said they don't have time to wait on congress to act. He said Obama has already said executive orders are in the works to start the ball rolling. Extra restrictions on buying and slot of other stuff he mentioned.
  12. muleheaded

    muleheaded Well-Known Member

    It should not be an option any president has to not wait on congress to act. That is the beauty of checks and balances. No one man was intended to have that much power in our country.
    More importantly, the class of citizen who commits mass killings does not go buy firearms at Dick's or Academy. What a bunch of idiots.
  13. dlfarley

    dlfarley Well-Known Member

    "Southerners worship firearms as the ultimate anti-government symbol—which is why they will never accept gun control, no matter how many children die."

    This was a headline on some northern online print I stumbled on. This is what we are being made out to be. I dont know why I keep looking and reading. Just fueling my fire...
  14. mwmwbm

    mwmwbm Well-Known Member

    everything i have read says that the medical examiner said the victims had multiple 22caliber wounds. not 9mm or 10mm.

    Did you read something else?
  15. PigSoiee

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    Reid is rated highly by the NRA and he is the Senate majority Leader. I am not a supporter of the democratic party but the nra does support harry reid. Speaker of the house is supported by the nra too. I think there will be a lot of hot air, maybe updating NICS checks for the gun stores to include more people committed to mental institutions.
  16. muleheaded

    muleheaded Well-Known Member

    The AP has reported consistently that amid reports of additional firearms, the only ones found inside the school on the dead gunman were two semi-auto handguns; a Glock and a Sig. If the medical examiners report says otherwise, i'm not sure how it happened, but i'd definitely owe a retraction. I haven't seen the report yet.
    Bear in mind, even this would change nothing about how little effect any legislation could have on a situation of this nature. Bad guys don't care about laws.
  17. They are figuring out just how serious we are........ the bankers have known for 150 years.
  18. He makes an executive order and....... well I can't post that on the internet.
  19. Meathunter

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    it hits the fan
  20. angus

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    "Cold, dead fingers."