Feinstein is a bigger monster than frankenstein

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by gunslinger66, Dec 18, 2012.

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    This woman makes me sick is it just me or does she seem to be happy that something happened to further her agenda. These liberals are so fast to jump on this like it was something they were waiting for. They are making a big deal about the NRA being silent after this, I just think that the NRA is waiting till the mourning is over to say anything. I may be wrong but this media and liberal frenzy just looks like they are more concerned about getting this legislation passed than really being concerned about these victims families.
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    Yeah, and she's uglier too.
  4. Swamper-AR

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    As if outlawing 20 round mags or AR-15s is going to stop this kind of thing from happening. THis is a witch hunt. They just want to do something to make themselves feel good. Unfortunately I think we may be the minority.
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    Obummers former chief of staff once said "never let a crisis go to waste."

    SEVERAL laws were broken in the commission of this latest tragedy, passing more laws will not change a thing. The liberals will never get it, they're selling out for votes--and the media is helping them.
  6. Delbert

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    The live in their world surrounded by armed guards 24/7 the dont live in the real world.
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    exactly she said she had been drawing this new AWB for a year
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    Senator Feinstein has been at the front of the" lets ban guns line" my whole life it seems. I think Senator Pryor from here will jump right in with his party if it comes to a vote.
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    She's representing her constituents. A gun ban, gun confiscation, is what they want. Her constituents don't want us to possess firearms. From their standpoint she's simply doing her job.
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    I don't know what pryor will do but they are in the same party. That may not bode well for gun owners who expect representation.
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    Trust me, Pryor will fold up like a cheap tent and follow his liberal party line. He represents Arkansas only when it is convenient and will not put him at odds with the liberal agenda. Sit back and watch him squirm like the worm he is.
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    I hope your wrong.
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    If he did, I would not be surprised at all. He tries to portray himself as a moderate, but he is as liberal as the rest of them.
  14. Did any of you know that Feinstein has had handgun training and carries concealed. It's the rest of us she wants to leave defenseless.
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    I dont doubt it
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    I remember when she was a hippie and smoked pot! They want pot legalized and guns banned! Go freakin figure!:fit::fit::fit:
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    we all need to contact and not threaten but communicate we single issue voters. i believe he is up in 14. plus register to vote