Fayetteville AGFC Meeting

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    We had a good, informative get together. There were around 10 G&F employees, including Commissioner Varnell, and 30 or so deer hunters.

    The 1999 Deer Plan was breifly reviewed then we quickly went thru the 2007 Deer Plan. Following that was the proposed changes in the regulations. I was pleased to see their recommended change of allowing the youth to take up to their full limit during the youth hunt. It is unfortunate that some adults will take it to their advantage and use their tags. I know with my son, the youth hunt has never lasted but a few hours.

    There were a few people to stand and say their part. Comments were mainly about regulation being easier to understand and the growing population of does on private land. I do think the G&F are taking the proper steps to improve the doe population. It will just not be as dramatic of a reduction as last time this effort was put forth. I can only hope they find a translator to work on the reg. book.

    ADHA was represented by five members. We (the ADHA ) were thanked for being willing to volunteer our time to the mentors program. Our conservation ID number(new-issued to all license holders) will also be used in the selection process of future volunteer opportunities.