Favorite Holiday treats

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Polywog, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Around our house this time of year I start to see and smell little treats cooking that I don't see or smell any other time of the year.. My favorite is the cheese log my wife makes with pecans and a hint of chili powder on the outside.. Oh and I about forgot the spinach dip with Hawaiian bread and all the little cookies and the pecan fudge.. Man I've got to dig those stretch pants out soon.. So what are some of your favorite Holiday treats??
  2. btech29

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    Pumpkin pie with Cool Whip.

  3. johnf

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    Egg Nog. I could live on egg nog.
  4. Tony Harris

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  5. FrogTacos

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    I love scratch baking. Used to bake goodies for the Mr to take to work when he was still on active duty.

    Not big on eating any of it though, don't care for much sweets.
  6. RAZZY

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    Wife's whoopin up some Puppy Chow kids treats this am. Never had none before but I heard they're GooooooooD! I'm aiming to lay my ears back and eat me a big bait of em afterwhile!!!..RAZ
  7. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    Made my chex mix last night gotta get on the ball with my pumpkin bread, date porcupines, spinach dip, cheese ball and homemade fudge this weekend:)
  8. kendract

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    She makes a cheese log? How do women learn how to cook these things?!?

    Seriously...I'm going to try to make an apple pie from scratch for only the second time EVER. And there's no guarantee it'll come out right. But cookies and cake i can do.

    I'm looking forward to my daddy's fudge when I go visit him this weekend. YAY!
  9. dsmtuner1

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    MMMMMMMM FOOD! Yes lots of goodies this year are sure to fall victim to my lack of willpower.
  10. bett_lou

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    I made eggnog this morning before work. I have a co-worker that begs for it every year. My hubby loves it too.
  11. snydedawg

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    Without any doubt... my MawMaw's fudge!!! It's the hard sugary as hell kind!!! I mean like coma sweet!!!! And I love it..... cut my teeth on it when I was a nubbin'.

    Next is my wife's apple pie!!!! Awesome!!! Mom's comes in close too with my Aunt Mildred's recipe for the crust!!!

    My friend makes the greatest yellow cake and chocolate icing on Earth! It's her mom's recipe and will cause you to hurt yourself with it and a jug of milk!!!!

    Then we move on to meats....... duck dressing.. ham... deer jerky.... stromboli... oysters... scallops...shrimp... grilled steaks.....

    Bread anyone.... yeast rolls.. freshe baked loaves..... little smokies in cresent rolls......

    Wonder why my pants are snug already???? Strange that they shrunk so fast!!! Must have left them in the dryer too long!
  12. John Stiles

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    Everbody around here likes my deer jerky and mama's peanut-butter cookies!:up:
  13. Sylamore

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  14. qwack smacker 1on1

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    :up: but the aftermath is ruff:yuck:
  15. my siter-in-law's bananna split pie!!!!
  16. leserz

    leserz Well-Known Member

    sense im no longer married and the ex grand mothers are long gone now i miss the Swedish Pepparkakor cookies there are a very thin ginger cookie the thinner they are the better they taste they also bought limpa bread a light rye bread with a licorice taste. havent had that in 20 years i liked that. now Swedish sausage and glug.gag :down:

    cant have a christmas with out chocolate covered cherrys with the cream centers and a greman chocolate cake .
  17. keeb

    keeb Well-Known Member

    These are my favorite. It's crushed oreo mixed with cream cheese covered in the melted almond bark. :clap:

  18. allyellow

    allyellow Well-Known Member

    Red Velvet Cake with real cream cheese frosting. All made from scratch!
  19. bracomadar

    bracomadar Well-Known Member

    I had some of those the other day. Those are good :biggrin:

    My sister-in-law makes these amazing bacon wrapped green beans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They've got brown sugar added to them and has a nice sweet flavor to them. One of our family's holiday traditions is that my mom makes homemade pizza. Pizza Hut ain't got nothin' on my momma's pizza :up: She also makes the best oatmeal cookies and homemade peanut butter cups.

  20. FrogTacos

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    Holy cow! Them things look awesome! Please please please share the recipe.