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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by bottomlands, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. bottomlands

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    So when the daughter said she was looking at buying a farmhouse table i jumped at building her one instead. And with that she then asked me to build a matching storage bench
    Ive been at this a few weeks doing a little here and there and still got a good bit left, mainly the top and bench so ill post up as i go along.
    First off i got me a good helper but hes more into riding the carts instead of helping! The framework came together as planned other than finding straight enough boards.
    Screenshot_20200423-114818_Snapchat.jpeg Snapchat-1838188737.jpeg Snapchat-1947169426.jpeg Snapchat-922768533.jpeg 20200423_174348.jpeg
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  2. bottomlands

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    She wanted just a plain table but i talked her in to letting me go with a oak top for durability. Hopefully over the next few days i can get the top glued up and ready for stain/sealer. 20200429_150520.jpeg 20200424_175710.jpeg
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  3. mr4pt

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    Your shop is much cleaner than mine
  4. Onetrakd

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    Dang a CAD program to build a table?
    High tech redneck...
  5. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Hahaha....she is in the middle of remodeling a new house so all of their stuff is piled in there plus my son moved to a furnished apartment so ive got all his crap in there to. They barely left me room to work on the table
  6. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Always start with a good plan . Plus i also made it to where all the angles are cut on a 45 so it helped alot. Most plans onlines has 20 and 30* cuts
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  7. bowhunter23

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    That's going to be dang nice when it's finished bud!
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  8. SwampCat

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    Looks great? How thick are the oak boards on the table top? I would really like to build one out of lumber I have milled, but it is only air dried and I would have to allow for contraction and expansion
  9. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    These are 3/4 thick. I just got the straightest i could find from Lowe's. I will add a curtain under it to give it a thicker look.
    I originally wanted to do a breadboard end but backed out after reading about all the cracking and splitting from wood expansion, which is another reason i wanted to go with the oak top.
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  10. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Thank ya sir. I told my daughter the other day that I believe this is the first thing ive done to this precision lol.
  11. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member

    What do reckon you'll have in it (money) once you finish it?
  12. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    I bought enough wood for table and bench with the bench having a matching oak seat plus a couple extra pcs of oak, plus supplies l, just shy of 400.
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  13. austincrutchfield

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    You're gonna need a small army to move that thing into place when it's done, but looks great!
  14. scrapeline13

    scrapeline13 Well-Known Member

    Awesome job my friend!
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  15. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    I finally had time to get the top all glued and put together. That was the part i was dreading, and neing all store bought, it looks like I wont have a hole lot of sandind to do.
    Just like squaring off the ends and adding the trim.

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  16. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Finally got it all trimmed out and ready for sanding!

    Snapchat-1214011240.jpeg Snapchat-1467643260.jpeg Snapchat-2110723139.jpeg
  17. big buck down

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  18. SwampCat

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    Did you use a Kreg jig to screw the boards on the table top together?
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  19. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Yes sir, plus dowel pins every 6". Let me tell ya that all that drilling with get ya wrist all cramped up, lol.
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  20. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    Finally got the top all sanded out and ready for stain.
    Got the matching bench framed up and the seat glued up and drying. Hopefully I can get it all stained and finished over the next few days.
    20200521_184200.jpeg 20200521_191449.jpeg
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