Factory vs hand load

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  1. arbowhntr

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    What are the major differences and is there any factory loads that are as good as hand loads?
  2. QCDually5.9

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    Handloads allow you the ability to custom taylor the specific load for your gun. The factory is producing loads that will function in all modern firearms. Some just happen to be what afew guns really like. But for the rest, it's a just a hit in the park vs a hit out of the park.

  3. demented

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    From time to time I've found factory loads that equalled my handloads accuracy, then upon buying a new box of the same stuff, couldn't hit a bull in the butt. My loads are consistent, all powder, primers have the same lot numbers, the powder charge of each cartridge weighed one at a time-all in the effort to obtain shot to shot consistency. Handloading can be both rewarding and frustrating, it sometimes take lots of trial and error finding that one type of powder, primer, bullet combination you rifle likes but when you do its awfully nice. My .308 will do about an inch and a half with the average factory load, my loads will do three shots under 5/8", a big improvement. If this hasn't at least partially answered your question, PM me with any particular questions, I'll do my best to head you in the right direction.
  4. dirtdart

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    QC is correct. My brother couldn't figure out why some of my 154 .280 loads wouldn't shoot but 4" groups in his .280 Semi-Auto. They were loaded for my .280 model 700 and had near a max load of R-22 in them. I didn't think the 742 would have handled them but they did.

    Well.....I bought 1,000 150gr. .284 Winchester Power Points when Midway was clearing out it's old Win PP stock. So I loaded up a box of 50 from an old recipe; 150gr. power points with some 9 1/2 Rem Primers and seated over some WW760 powder and just like that groups went down to near an inch at 100yds..

    Bullet weight, load density, pressure, powder burn rate, and primer speeds are just some of the things you control as a handloader. Worth it.
  5. gregrn43

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    Besides handloading is lots of fun and it gives me the chance to do more shooting. Been doing it for 24yrs.
  6. arbowhntr

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    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like for me I just need to shoot alot of different factory loads for best results.