Factory Pull Off Tires For Sale *

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  1. Busterboy1

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    I have two sets of Continental ContriTrac in 275/70R18 10ply. One set has 20,000 miles with excellent tread and have been rotated every 5,000 miles. $500 These are still on my truck until Monday 10/22/12 when my new tires come in. The other set has about 40,000 miles with good tread left and they were also rotated every 5,000 miles, $400. Both sets came off Ford F250's. They are in Pine Bluff. I can text or email pic's if interested.
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    Factory Pull Off Tires For Sale

    Can you send me some pics to 5019410348

  3. shootemagain

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    Are both sets 10 ply? I would be interested on some pics. Can you text to 501.282.2602?
  4. Busterboy1

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    Both sets are 10 ply, I can text pics of the set with 20k on them now but the other set are in my barn across town and I'll get them tomorrow.
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    Surely someone needs some tires!!!!!
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    I've still got them, very good tread and half the cost of new ones.