Exhaust Manifolds

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  1. My work partner is in need of a set of exhaust manifolds for a Chevy 396 c.i. engine. He has a '67 Chevelle 396 SS, and one manifold is cracked, and the other one is from a '68 or '69 motor. He wants to clean them up and have them powder coated, and is looking for correct ones.
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    you can find most everything on ebay or try hemmings motor news or late greay chevy club

  3. Yeah, he has been looking there for them, with no luck. I was just hoping some of our folks might know where they could fix me up.:up:
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    Buy sum hedders,The old stuff is getting hard to find.
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    that should be late great chevy club or go to a web site for chevelles.worth a .try