Everyone, it is time to change the discussion. It is time to take the offensive.

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    We have to change the topic and start getting people back into reality on how this tragedy happened. We need to shed light on the issue of the gun free zones and how "illogical" they are and why they attract this type of violence.

    This tragedy was because of the government and their failed policies. For people we elect, their job is to make laws to benefit our country (in spirit). Making laws do not prevent people from breaking them. They do not understand that mentality and therefore try to fix everything with another law. These "feel good" laws are good for press but not good for our schools and safety in a public setting. Until the focus is put back on the creators that prevented these children and many other people like them from protecting themselves, these tragedies will not stop and we will keep opening up more "killing fields" to murders that want and crave that attention that is given them by the media.

    It is time to take a stand and shed light on the issue and bring the darkness out of society. That can only be done through faith and teaching. We all have to take a stand and speak with those that don't want to listen to reason and step through the reasons why this system keeps failing us and our children.

    I'm starting tonight at our local city council. I urge all of you to become active, if not for your gun rights. Then do it for your kids, grand kids and so on. It is time to believe again that the best person to protect us is ourselves with gods will. We don't stop evil by putting up signs. We don't stop evil by putting in metal detectors. We don't stop evil by banning weapons of any form. We get rid of evil by the faith and truth in God.

    (For the atheists, believe in protecting yourselves as well.)
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    the majority of people are not like you - they will freely give up that which they don't have anyway (gun ownership) ...... the Govt is one that take now, regardless of what the public perception is, they WILL pass laws they see fit.

    Obama and Democrats especially will seize this opportunity, and the majority of people voted for them, so that is what it will be and you will be left out

    Lobby, argue, debate, be as pro-gun as you can ...... there is a chance the Republicans will stand up but I highly doubt it, and the NRA can only do so much

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    Stealthy, my point is not about gun ownership. My point is about safety and the lack of safety due to inept law.

    We will loose on the gun lobby front because we always play the defensive. The focus needs to be on why these laws are in place and they are not working....

    Ignore the gun part for now. We need to un-brainwash the public and change the topic back to failure of law to prevent this crime. Only then can the discussion become meaningful and beneficial.
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    I know nothing about him, but i like this republican. He spoke in response to a student's threats at a school in Bartlesville, OK.

    Rep. Mark McCullough, R-Sapulpa, said he is working on a bill that would allow teachers and school administrators to receive firearms training through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, which would authorize them to carry weapons at school and at school events.

    "It scares me that a madman could come into my children's school and kill my children," said McCullough, who has two boys, ages 7 and 9. "We need to harden these targets, harden these facilities with simple, common-sense steps.
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    This sounds a lot like the conversation that Chris and I had tonight.
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    i agree we must change the discussion.
    every gun owner in america would be in favor of keeping any gun be it duck gun bird gun deer rifle or target handgun out of the hands of a mentally ill person. therefore the talk about assalt weapons is mute. only used for the emotional value. every gus owner would like to prevern the first murder of a anyone not just a child. stop the first and we willl never have another mass. the pro gun and the anti gun can agree on these pooints. so why is everyone focused on the tools used. for what its worth i would not wand a mentally ill person to have access to large knives.
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    Yep, if they would arm a select few faculty members at all schools and publicly advertise it, these tragedies would never happen. What do the gunmen usually ALWAYS do when police start closing in??.....They blow their heads off, because THEY ARE SPINELESS COWARDS. If they knew there was a chance they'd immediately meet up with opposing gunfire the second they walked in the door, they'd think twice.

    Sadly, though, the ones that have the power to make this happen lack the common sense and spine to do it.
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    One thing that bothers me is the conceit from the left that it's a subject America has yet to debate. That, somehow, irresponsible pro-gun advocates slipped gun ownership past all the responsible anti-guns citizens. That "a conversation about guns" must begin now, because its never happened before. It's a lie; we've had many, many "conversations" about gun ownership, and each and every time "pro-gun" has won. The courts have ruled that the 2nd amendment does indeed mean something. How many times should they be allowed to challenge our basic rights before someone says "Stop, enough is enough.. You lost."

    Perhaps, there needs to be an amendment that makes it treason to challenge, or alter the Bill of Rights.