Ever Played A Trick On A WO?

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  1. John Stiles

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    I've heard some real doozeys. There used to be and old Game Warden named Whitey Wells........my P.I.L. and his buddy had an old plymouth with a turtle hull.....they put a bunch of blood on the bumper, and a dead possum inside, and parked it in town. That old WO stayed there all day waiting for them to come get their car.....while they hunted all day with zero interuptions. When they came to get that car and opened the trunk....Whitey was madder'n all getout:thumb:
  2. d2

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    I saw one "creeping" up on me one morning when I was squirrel hunting. I started looking up in a big pinoak and hollerd at him to move around the other side of the tree to maybe move the squirrel to my side. He did and when he got opposite of me I took off running. I couldnt go far 'cause I was laughing so hard. He took the joke like I meant for him to. He thought it was funny too, after a while. And we are still great friends...d2

  3. bayman1975

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    I was in a camp once where they had someone pretend to be a WO to pull a prank on someone in the camp. I'll never forget that.
  4. Gford

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    I told one while dove hunting the guy on the other side of the field did not have a plug in his gun..............He walked 500 yards over........and I was right, that OVER and UNDER he had did not have a plug.

    I walked him back to his truck and talked for 30 minutes just good fun.
  5. Down on the White

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    Knowing my luck I would come across a ill tempered one.:smack:
  6. Bojack

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    I've never met one that had a good enough sense of humor to play a prank on.
  7. ArkArcher

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    That's what I was thinking. :smack:
  8. wookalark

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    Remember the one on a TK and Mike Video were the guy was fishing and every time the WO would approach he would throw down his rod. I've always wanted to try that one.
  9. octoberbuck

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    Whenever I call Doyle Shook or Cory Gray to ask an idiot question or to chew on em a little bit I always say, "Hello , this is John Stiles at Tulip."
  10. spit-n-drum

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    A game warden in Dallas County told me a good one. He said just as he pulled up to a boat ramp a flatbottom boat with 2 guys in it pulled to the bank. He walked down to meet them and the guy in the back of the boat jumped up and nearly ran over the guy in the front getting out of the boat. He took off through the woods. The game warden chased him down and tackled him. Out of breath, he said he needed to see some license. The guy pulled out a license and he was perfectly legal. The game warden said, "you are legal, I just don't get it". The guy said, "I am, but that other SOB aint and you'll never see him again!" That guy went to great lengths to be a decoy for his friend!
  11. Redcloud35

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    I'm going to start using that one.:thumb:
  12. John Stiles

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  13. BTU

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    Two friends and I were duck hunting in Felsenthal one morning. We were headed out up Hebie Cut when two WO's stopped us at the river. They pulled us up on the bank to check plugs,licenses,shells,etc. One of them had on a new Stearns floatation jacket that he took off and lay down on a little bush. My lab, Ole Beau, jumped out of the boat to chase nutria rats on the bank. After he ran them off he eased up to that nice little camoed bush and relieved himself, not listening to me scream NO BEAU NO!! The WO looked down at him and said "I see what he thinks of me". Thank goodness there wasn't anything they could charge us with. His partner was still laughing when we motored off.
  14. xtremebowhunter

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    Had one end up a prank on me, me and a good buddy were out on his uncles place when we were coming out we could see this huge buck out in the field ( He knew what it was and that it was gona be there already). Well he convinced me that we could belly craw through the field and get him. well we got within probably 75 yards of it, he kept gigling and I tell him to shut the crap up he'll spook it! Well my dumb but raised up ( WO was in on the joke until he knew I was about to get it) & heard ( the WO yell) don't BOOOM shoot! needless to say that decoy now had a 12ga slug hole in it.:smack:
    OH well atleast we were legal off the road and on the right property.
  15. xtremebowhunter

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    Billy Buck is a good ol boy, you just have to beat him to it.
  16. JR

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    I've heard my dad tell a story about a WO that he was in the National Guard with. I can't remember where it was at, but it was right after they mandated the use of steel shot. There were some hunters on a riverbank or island, and they would call in some ducks. When the ducks would come in they would open fire, but nobody ever killed a duck. The WO & his partner watched the duck hunters for a while. Eventually they called in some ducks and then started throwing empty shotshells, empty shell boxes, sticks, rocks, and just about anything else they could get their hands on. I don't know if the WO did anything about it or not, but dad said the whole time that he was telling the story that he was just laughing about it. :biggrin:
  17. Bojack

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    I heard one from a guy that I wont mention any names. They got done duck hunting and was pulling up to where they were going to load there boat and a game warden was standing there. The WO commenced to checking license, stamps, ect. and one guy didn't have any duck stamps. When the WO officer asked him to see his stamps, he replied he didn't have any and pulled a squirrel out of hus hunting jacket. The WO just looked at him. There was nothing he could do. The guy was legal. Talk about being prepared.
  18. Tony Harris

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    This wasn't a WO but it was a lake patrolman on Lake Maumelle. As kids we would go to the spillway area and swim, fish, bowfish, gig and snag. There was about 10 of us doing various things when someone hollered here comes the ranger. The bows were legal and you could gig rough fish but you couldn't snag and keep game fish. A buddy had caught a bass about 5 pounds in the spillway area while we were jerking out carp and shad. He had a treble hook on about the size of a goose egg with a sinker on the bottom for weight. We all kept on doing what we were doing because we were legal but we also knew he had a bass on the stringer. He reeled in and fumbled around his pocket for a second and threw right back out as the ranger was walking up. The ranger knew none of us were 16 years old because he knew our parents. He did ask about what we were catching and then saw Charles stringer and ask him what he had. Charles was jerking away on his line and said he had a bass on the stringer. The ranger said you can't keep game fish when you are snagging. Charles replied he was just fishing not snagging. The ranger asked to see his bait and Charles reeled in and showed him. He had dug a 3" grub out of his pocket and stuck it on one leg of the treble hook. He threw right back out and went to yanking. The ranger said you appear to be snagging and not fishing. Charles cracked us up when he said 'nope, this is just the way I fish' and never slowed down. James, the ranger smiled and walked back to his boat laughing.
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  19. JR

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    It kinda makes you wonder what today's youths would have done.
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  20. Tony Harris

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    That should have read 'couldn't snag and keep game fish'. We carried a pocket full of grubs after that.