Ever measured a hogs tail?

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    I was at the farm the other day helping an Aunt and Uncle do some things around the old house place. I got to looking at the old smoke house, and asked if they remember using it to cure meat.
    This led to a discussion about where the smokehouse was back then, along with the outdoor kitchen and a shop building. Then my Uncle grinned and I could tell he was remembering something funny. He asked if I had ever measured a hogs tail? I told him I didn't reckon I had. He told me about how my Grandad used to love to show folks how to measure a hogs tail. He would have them stretch their finger out at the base of the hogs tail while he made a show of stretching the tail out straight along their arm. Then he'd take his other hand and hit their elbow and make their finger go up the pigs butt. :) Just one of the stories I had never heard, but it sounds just like him.

  2. He sounds like some of the folks I grew up around.. Never a dull moment..:fit:
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    :fit: awesome!!!
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    That's funny! I'll bet those folks were shocked by that.

    My grandad had an old metal utility building that's been there longer than I can remember. He always called it the smokehouse, even though it never was used that way. As a kid, I didn't have a clue what he meant. He's been gone since 1997, but we still call it the smokehouse.
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    :fit: thanks. I needed that!
  6. I always wonder why your mind takes a mental picture of something and not everything. Selected treasures that seemed special to your spirit and so were filed away into the great memories file.

    My GP, who died way back in '57, was a old time pioneer type and commercial fisherman. My mind took a picture of him mending a hoop net as I sat on his back porch and watched.

    He would nail the "floats" (lungs) from the big fish he caught onto his shed and some of those looked as large as human lungs or bigger.

    He asked me "how old are you Frank Lee"? as I sat there back in 56' watching his shuttle as it went back and forth through the mesh.

    "12" I answered him.

    "You'll be a grown man before long" he came back. Seemed impossible to me then. Especially now that I'm the old timer and since 56 years have sped by from that afternoon.

    Memories are far more precious than gold. No matter how much you love someone, until they're gone you don't really know the depth of that love.
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    Grew up on a hog farm...had that happen unintentionally more than once....those out of town cousins were a lot of fun.
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    Now that is a funny story!