Ever Heard a Buck "Growl"?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Vetrock, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Vetrock

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    I did today for the first time. I've heard it on TV before, but never in person.

    I was hunting a thicket with lanes cut in it, and had just hit a Doe Bleat can followed by a couple of light grunts. Within a few seconds I hear a lot of movement in the thicket about 75 yards in front of me, and a doe jumps out into a lane and walks towards me for about 10 yards. She jumped back into the thicket and that's when I heard the growl.

    It sounded like two grunts kind of sandwiched together, but the thing that got me was how loud it was. It seemed like it rattled the stand. I had never heard a grunt that loud before.

    I never saw the buck, and after a couple of minutes of light grunting, I tried to mimic what I had heard with the grunt call. All I called up was an armadillo. :smack:

    I'da loved to have seen him, but the experience was still pretty cool.
  2. growl

    I only heard a Growl once from a buck. It was very loud. I actually saw the buck, and he was "the MAN" , alot of racket in the leaves and then a doe and this buck come crashing out running like mad lovers thru brush piles and limbs. Darting here and there and him just grunting every time his hoof's hit the ground. She eluded him for about 10 minutes. they went out of sight and i could here him grunting loudly, but not the growl. things got quiet and then I hear this BBUUURRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Here comes miss Doe, but no mr Buck. I guess she got bred and he left for a new partner. My dad was hunting about 75 yrds across a food plot from me and he heard it too. He actually thought I was upchucking! It was loud and definately someting you don't hear alot of.

  3. lowellarcher

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    I have heard it one time. Last year I was hunting a ridge adjacent to a ridge that a major chase was going on. I could make out deer running in different directions but I couldn't see what they were. Next thing I know I hear it. It was very loud. It was actually windy that day and I heard it over the wind. Pretty cool. This was the first week of November.
  4. Levee Hunter

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    I heard it this year for the first time, I was amazed how loud it was. Same deer snort wheezed too, it's not near as loud as I thought it would be. Nothing remotely close to what you see the "pros" do on TV.
  5. I've never even heard it on tv. I wish I could hear it in person. Sounds pretty awsome.
  6. Tink

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    Heard One Fart befor was sitting in a ground blind an three was in front of me an on just let it rip.
  7. lowellarcher

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    For real? Thats crazy!
  8. :fit: :fit: :fit: :fit:
  9. 4hunting

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    No doubt there was a male involved in the deal if you heard growling, but are you sure it was the Daddy you heard growl?:confused:

    I my world the "Moma's" have a bad habite of doing all the growling more than the "Daddy's" do!:head: It is my understanding it has something to do with no being able to understand the meaning of the word "NO"!:banghead:

    But, to your question, yes I have many times & if you did it is a place you need to be cause things are going on that might prove to be in your favor!:up:
  10. hazel10779

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    I heard one growl while hunitng in Kansas on public land. At first I thought it was a over zealous hunter because it kept doing it over and over for about thirty mintes. Then it finally stepped out where I could see it. It was a dinky seven pt. chasing a doe. As soon as i realized it was a deer I thought, "this has to be a monster". Not the case.
  11. seed

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    At the 21 second mark.
  12. austincrutchfield

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    yes and i have heard them snort wheeze
  13. duckhunter2-2007

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    I guess I'm lucky. I've heard it on four different occasions. Twice in NE from the same buck on two consecutive days. I put a stop to it on the second day.:wink: I was hunting a buck in AR a few years ago and had him about 70 yards down the hill from me with a doe in a thicket and he did it once while I was watching them. That buck was a 10 point that would have scored about 150 to 160. Another time was at Madison Co. WMA and we heard him four or five times along with a lot of grunting and running just over the ridge but never saw the buck or the doe that I assumed he was chasing.
    The first time I heard it in NE I thought it was a coon fight.:fit:
  14. ARflinger

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    I have heard it one time, it was behind me about 80 yards and was so loud that when he did it I ducked my head like a little spike. He was a very large buck following a doe, never saw him again.