European Mount in a Different Way

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by Pickloop, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Didn't get a pic of it, but a couple of guys were set up next to me at a gun show last weekend who camo-dip just about anything. They had camo'd the skull part of a European mount and it looked really good.
    They also had some mount boards for shoulder and antler mounts and a lot of other things, including guns and even a toilet seat!:smack:
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    Sounds pretty cool. I've seen skulls that were bronzed, and stuff, but I've never seen one camo dipped. Do you know if they had a website or anything?

  3. fredbearbowhunter

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    sounds kool. instructions would be nice :thumb:
  4. wow im gunna have to try that on the 6 i got this year. i just got done with my mount the day b4 yestrday
  5. ArkArcher

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    This is pretty cool too. :thumb:

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    I don't like that. I'd never mess up the natural beauty of horns.
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    Kinda agree with ole Bett...BUT to each is on.....:wink: