Erling or Millwood Crappie?

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by 1/4ing away, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if the crappie are biting at either of these places?

    BIGKEN Well-Known Member

    Biting on little river around white cliffs fish structure 12 to 20 feet.Minnows seem to be a little better than jigs.

  3. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bigken. Never fished in Southwest AR much but I live here now so I have to find some spots!
  4. Pretty good right now at Erling. Had 59 Friday and 44 yesterday. Only gonna get better the colder it gets.
  5. Oh yeah, pink shinners around 20 foot.

    BIGKEN Well-Known Member

    They doing better in the morn. or eve. at erling been thinking about heading down that way next day or so.
  7. Sorry for late reply. Had to send my phone out for replacement. From daylight till around 11 it's pretty good. We usually stay until 2:30 or slow but it's pretty slow then. Probably picks back up late evening. Anyhow we had most of our fish by noon. Good luck. Put in at IP landing.
  8. jdawg

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    You might try going down to the spillway at millwood. I havent gone yet, but its getting to be that time of year.