Enhanced concealed carry

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    I understood it as you couldn't carry in a courthouse, unless you were employed there. County offices were okay to carry in, as long as they weren't in the courthouse.
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    Here in Baxter County, even the employees can carry at work. Thanks to our judge.

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    Heck, I'm just as confused now as I was then.

    I'll try to look it up this afternoon when I get home.
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    This is the part that I was talking about:

    Rule 7.4 Enhanced Prohibited Places A licensee with an enhanced license remains subject to other criminal prohibitions and restrictions and is barred from carrying a concealed handgun in the following places:

    (j) Any courthouse, courthouse annex, or other building owned, leased, or regularly used by a county for conducting court proceedings or housing a county office, except as permitted in ACA § 5-73-306(5)(A)-(C) [see ACA § 5-73- 306(5)];
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    The way it was explained to us was the court house is not the county court house where county business takes place, unless that's where actual court is held or offices related to court. Court as in with judges and juries, not the county judge. What I gathered was you can carry in about any public building except, sheriff or police buildings, court rooms or offices, K-12 schools (felony), department of transportation offices, private property that's posted and federal buildings, post office still off limits. County or state offices are off limits too if there is meeting being held. Also all Corps of Engineer's property is a no go, even with the enhanced permit. That includes all Corp camp grounds, lakes and rivers if not legally hunting. There's a bill in Congress now to fix this.
    I've reread the stuff a dozen times and can come up with a dozen different scenarios, I don't think it's in a legislators makeup to write a simple law.
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    Sam, I don't see that as much different than the regular cc...so what's the purpose of it! I've been waiting to take the class but if I still gotta unholster in the same as b4, what's the use??
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    I agree, doesn’t sound any different than our current stipulations. I was under the impression that the enhanced would allow on college campuses and county offices. Our county employees, now, are allowed to cc.
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    With enhanced you can carry more places. Public colleges, most public buildings like the state capital or Social Security office, churches and places that serve booze. Also a few of the states that don't recognize other states CC licenses will honor the same state's enhanced permits. Public colleges can not post their campuses as gun free for enhanced license, private colleges can. K-12 are still off limits, but that's also a federal law and a felony. County offices are permitted with enhanced, unless they are in a court building. One other thing about the enhanced part of your permit, it never has to be renewed as long as you never let your regular CC license expire. When you redo your CC license every 5 years the enhanced is automatically carried over. I asked the instructor if the State Fair Grounds were considered public and there for OK for enhanced carry, he thought they were, but wasn't positive and was going to check and let me know.
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    Channel 7 had this after the law was signed:

    A new bill signed into law by Governor Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday allows for citizens to obtain an enhanced concealed carry license with an additional 8 hours of training on top of their regular concealed carry license.

    One lawmaker has already proposed a bill to add UAMS and the state hospital as places where an enhanced license holder can't carry.

    Below is a list where those with enhanced licenses will and will not be allowed to concealed carry their guns.


    • Restaurants that serve alcohol (unless signs are posted)

    • Church (unless signs are posted)

    • Public university, college (not in meeting about grievance or disciplinary) (can’t store gun in dorm)

    • Publicly owned building or facility

    • Municipal airport (outside of TSA security or federally controlled areas)

    • Polling place

    • Capitol and any meeting with lawmakers

    • Athletic event


    • Courtroom

    • Administrative hearing conducted by state agency

    • K-12 public school

    • Department of Correction (prison/jail)

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    Enhanced carry=Way to get you to spend more money.
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  11. As far as I know Churches are already allowed places . According to the law they past year ago .
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    Incorrect. When they came up with the "enhanced" license, they moved churches back to the prohibited places list for the regular license.

    So they went from prohibited with a CHCL, to allowed with a CHCL, to prohibited again unless you have an enhanced CHCL. Isn't government fun?
  13. Hmm I was never informed
  14. Don't matter anyhow I'll be getting the Enhanced carry anyhow . What's 50 rounds extra ?
  15. Plus I love the smell of burnt powder !
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    N. Texas
    Lol. Sounds like you need to keep a rules book in your pocket for reference, or chance a violation unknowingly. The govt. just can't make anything simple.