Ellis Johnson named DC

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  1. Ellis Johnson, DC for Miss St. is leaving and coming to Arkansas to take the same position Sylvester Croom reported today. Looks like Herring is out. I hope he gets a DC position at a school he will enjoy working. Rumors were that Texas A&M had hired Herring but he denied that last week.
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    CDL, I kinda think Herring is pulling our leg just a bit.

    Don't you think he has told the new coach that he has a job after the CB...or why in the world would it be announced now?

    We don't need another game distraction the day before...:rolleyes:

  3. CP, I agree that he is pulling the leg of the media. I remember when I decided to leave my job and seek another, I told my boss and everyone else the first chance I got to get out I was gone. At that time I had no other job lined up.I don't understand why these coaches don't just say ,Yea I was interviewed by __________ (Fill in the College) and they offered me the job and I'm gone as soon as I take care of some loose string that are hanging around hear unless Arkansas wants to give me the same salary increase that I will make plus the benefits. Remember Gary Blair the Hogs Women basketball coach. Texas A&M wanted him and he told Frank he would stay if he would give him the same pay that A&M offered and Frank told him to hit the road. Texas A&M womens team has been nothing short of great ever since. The Hog Womens program went into a death spiral until they hired the present coach who has them 14-0 and ranked 25 in the AP :thumb: